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The woman’s body has always been a wonder.  Though today scientists and gynecologists have discovered the function of the inner organs, sages log ago had written many things about their appearances.  A woman has many characteristics visible to others, but some are not.  Some of the characteristics we give here.

Pshygionomy of a Woman

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The big toe is indicative of certain characteristics of a person.  If it is long, its possessor will be beautiful.  If it is too long, it will bring poverty and if flat, widowhood.
All the five toes should be properly formed like a book and in diminishing order.  Such a woman will have a long life, beauty and wealth.  If all are uniform and equal, she will be highly deceitful.  If there is a gap between the big toe and the next one she will be separated from her relatives.  If the index toe is longer than the middle one, the woman will be a queen.

The toenail, round in shape like a coin or a serpent-hood, is considered beautiful and if it is red it indicates long life.

A woman having uniform thighs, set close together without any gap between them and shaped like the stem of a plantain tree will be beautiful and will also have a long life and wealth.

A woman whose gait resembles that of a swan will become a queen.

The sole of the foot should be warm and should rest fully on the ground.  A woman having that will possess wealth,, if it is cold she will face poverty.  If the sole is soft, she will reach orgasm quickly, if hard (thick) the opposite.

Lines on the soles
A long line running from the heel to the middle toe is considered auspicious.  The goddess of prosperity will stay with the woman having such a line.  Whatever such woman treads on will turn into gold and her husband will be lord of many men.  It is auspicious, to look at her face.
If the lines are red, she will stay in homeland and if they are black, she will go to foreign countries.  If no lines are visible she will have enjoyment in her dreams only.

A heel in the shape of a ball gives long life to its possessor; a mole on the heel indicates that whatever she touches will turn into gold.

If the vagina is triangular the goddess of prosperity will stay with her; the pipal leaf shape shows that she will have vast riches and live in comfort.  A square shape means, she is courageous.  It should be broad, fleshy, fattish and arch shaped.

If the left side is higher her first child will be a male and if the right side is high it will be a female.  If both of them are equal she will be a barren woman.

The flow of urine also indicates the characteristics of a person.  If it flows in a single stream with a twist on to the right side she will have wealth and she will rule the world if it has a left twist.  The flow with hissing sound indicates that she will have a strong sexual desire.

It should be red, small and hidden.  This is considered good and she will be a chaste woman.  A small and round clitoris means she will be good and wealthy.  Thick and long one denotes that she will be highly lascivious; if the color is black she will have enjoyment and if pale ill health.  If the tip is short, she will go abroad.  If it is erect with a bent tip, she will have a short life.
It is considered good if it smells of honey; she will have wealth, if it smells of milk, she will reach orgasm quickly.  The smell of lotus flower indicates beauty; jasmine, kindness to everybody.

Vaginal passage
If it appears like a cave and broad or spacious, she will be endowed with all the 16 benefits and be lascivious and wealthy.  If it is small, she will have poverty.  If in the middle a substance of the shape of lotus-fruit, is found, she will be lustful and a protector of thousand persons.

A small waist in the shape of a kettledrum is considered good.

Abdomen (lower belly)
If the abdomen is broad at the bottom and tapers above she will have wealth and kindness; if the bottom is small and converges above, beauty and hard-heartedness.  If both the abdomen and the belly are big like a pumpkin, she will be a queen.  If the hair on the abdomen runs up to the pudendum with hair facing down, she will have a son honored by the entire world.  If it faces upwards she will speak contemptuously and laugh at everybody.  If she is devoid of hair on abdomen she will be a chaste woman.

A woman having a navel depressed and with a counterclockwise twist will have a good character, charity, and wealth, a clockwise twist indicates distress and debauchery.  An elevated one indicates distress and debauchery.  If it emits a bad smell, she will have mental sufferings; that of slaked lime, utter nothing but falsehood; and of tender coconut water, poverty and lustfulness.  If it has the smell of fragrant flowers, those looking at her will desire her, one having embraced her will not be separated from her, and if separated will languish and die.

Folds in the belly
The folds in the belly, if they are odd in number it indicates that she will have vast riches and no carving for sexual enjoyment; even numbers, two and four, indicate riches and lasciviousness.  If the fold is small, jointed as single one in the middle and branching into two at the ends, she will have great learning but also a temper.  When treaded with two fingers if it shows a chord inside, she will be barren.  If there is no fold she will have many children.

The chest of a woman should have bot its sides uniformly elevated and with no hair.  Such a woman will be beautiful and will have long life.  Hair on the chest indicates that she will loose her husband.
The chest having a breadth of 17 fingers when measured by her hand is considered the best and such a woman will rule the world.  Eighteen fingers breadth indicates that she will rule over the world and also commit adultery; 19 fingers long life, beauty, chastity, and good character; and if it is 20, she will have a thousand women serving under her.  a chest broader than 20 fingers she will have short life.

The breasts of a woman should be well proportioned, equal to one another and placed on the chest like cups inverted.  Such a woman will have riches in plenty.  If they are like caskets inverted, she will live in ease and give pleasure.  If one is big and the other small, she will be deceitful and have poverty, and also commit adultery.  If the breasts are broad-based her husband will live long.
If they are fleshy and with a freckle on the left, she will have wealth and also be a meritorious person.  If they are big and have spreading spots of beauty in yellow (temal), she will have good character and love her husband ardently.  If they are large and face up, she will have discriminating intelligence and love for her mate.  If the breasts are close to one another, she will have good progeny and prosperity and her mate also will not desert her.  If it is high and pointed, she will be contemptible and everybody will slight her.
Breasts having the shape of a bael (vilvaa) fruit indicate that she will be a chaste woman, having good conduct and favored by the goddess of prosperity.  If the breasts are slightly pendulous she will always be bent upon sexual union; she will always be bent upon sexual union, she will commit adultery.  If they are flat like pasted cotton, she will be enticeable easily and have too much of bile secretion.
If the right breast is high, her first progeny will be male and if the left is high it will be a female.
If the aurola and the nipple are black always, she will have a long life, beauty and children.  If the breasts are big and the aurola red, she will commit adultery.
A thick nipple indicates that she will be lustful and embrace whomsoever she pleases; she will be least bothered about chastity and befriend many, but will have little wealth.  If, when treaded with the finger, a short is found in the aurola like a nail, she will be barren.  If a vein is visible, she will have progeny and also prosperity (bhagya).  If no vein is visible, she will be barren, suffer much sorrow and pain and should earn her livelihood with hard labor.  It is also said that if veins are visible on the breasts, the man embracing her will lose his excitement.

Mole and whorl on the breast
A woman having a mole or congenital scar of freckle of the size of a sesame seed or a counter-clockwise whorl on the breast, she will rule the world.  A mole on the left indicates chastity and clockwise whorl is on the right breast, she will be deceitful and also suffer from poverty and mental pain; while a counter-clockwise one indicates that she will be murdered.  If there are hair on her breast, she will wander as a debauch.

The shoulders should be plump and beautiful and shaped like a soft bamboo.  These are considered good.  Hairs or veins visible thereon indicate that she will become a widow.  If the shoulders are too broad, she will have vast riches, chastity, and distress.  Thick ones indicate wealth and thin ones great sorrow.  Hair on the right shoulder indicates adultery and a counter-clock wise whorl on the left shoulder, that she will rule over the world.  The joints should be fleshy without a prominent depression.

It is considered very auspicious if the arm reaches the knees such a woman will be rich.  If it reaches the kneecap she will be chaste.  If the distance between the tip of the arm and the knee is two fingers, she will be an adulteress; if three, she will have beauty; four no sexual enjoyment and five, long life.  Shorter the length of the arm, greater will be the guile of the person.

The palm should be soft and tender like the belly of a hare or the tender leaves of a mango plant, having the red color of the inner folds of a lotus flower, with the fingers proportionately formed and having no intervening space.  A broad one indicates that her wealth will diminish and if veins are visible in the palm she will have to make her living by begging.

Lines on the palm
Lines on the palm should not be prominent but dim, long, and red in color; and they should not also be crowded in the center of the palm.  Many long lines or short ones indicate widowhood.  A fish like sign in the palm is considered good.  That of a lotus indicates that she will be a queen.

The fingers should be proportionately thin, long and tapering.  If the finger is thin and long she will have beauty; if thick and long, great strength; if think and short she sill have sufferings and if thick and short, she would do hard work or labor.  If the fingers are crooked, bent, hard or with hairs and veins visible, it will bring misery.  It is bad if the fingers are not set close.  The fingers should be shaped like the bud or a lotus flower.

The fingernail should be long, convex in shape, bright and red like a coral.  A woman having such nails will possess riches and prosperity.  If it is pale and convex she will be in distress; if black and convex ill health.  The nail should not be broad and flat.  If it is flat and red in color, it indicates suffering; if the same is white she will not live with her husband and if black she will become a widow.  Brown or pale nails, without any polish and depressed ones indicates suffering; if the same is white she will not live with her husband and if black she will become a widow.  Brown or pale nails, without any polish and depressed ones indicate suffering.

Lines and joints of fingers
The lines on the three joints of the fingers and the whorl on the top portion are considered as indicating the nature and characteristics of the person.  Detailed predictions have been made by the ancients but only portions of the same are available and even in the available portion it is very likely that some of the values have become mixed up.

The neck should be properly formed and shaped like the stalk of a young areca-palm, without hair or visible vein.  Such a woman will have great beauty, long lifer, and good enjoyment to satiate her desires; she will wear many ornaments and enjoy wedded life for long.  When the neck is moderately long (four fingers breadth) she will have full and lasting riches; if short and thick, she will be very poor and also a bad or low woman.  A thick neck indicates widowhood.

The face should be bright, beautiful and round like a full moon, emitting the mild smell of lotus flower.  Such a face is considered the best and a woman having that will enjoy royal pleasures, with many riches and progeny.  If it appears like the sun (suryamandala) she will have great prosperity, long life, good conduct and many children.  It should be small and proportionate such a face indicates chastity, intelligence, and wealth.  If the face is like that of a lion, she will face hardships and sorrow and if it is flat, she will be a sinner enduring poverty and it is considered inauspicious to look at such a woman.

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