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My Last Good Bye

Put Together In 2002 By Jeannette Clarke Lodovici
This Exclusive Footage Captures Never Seen Before
Performances Of The William Clarke Band In Three
Different Venues In California Between 1988 -199o

This Video Features William Playing His Ass
Off With Some Great West Coast Musicians
Such As Guitarists: Rick Holmstrom, Zach
Zunis, Alex Shultz, John Marx, Steve Samuels.

Bassists: Buddy Clark, Tyler Peterson, Bill Stuve
Drummers: Eddie "Lips" Clark & Lee Campbell...
This Is The Official Video, Released By William's
Widow, Jeannette Clarke Lodovici In April 2002

This Is Your Chance To See And Hear One Of
The Greatest Blues Harmonica Players Of All
Time...Bill Was So Full Of Covnviction, Fire,
& Pure Raw Emotion...He Meant Every Note
He Ever Played...And You Can See That Here!

The Video Is Ninety Minutes In Length On VHS

$30.00 Includes Postage

Order Directly From The Source:

Jeannette Clarke
126 Oakwood Drive
Jefferson Hills, PA

Phone# 412-650-8964

E-Mail Jeannette Clarke Lodovici

The William Clarke Tribute Site

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