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Now That You're Gone

The Latest Release Of Great William Clarke Music
Featuring Previously Unreleased & Unissued Material
On CD....Plus Six Songs That Have Never Been Released!

From Inside Liner Notes From Jeannette Clarke Lodovici:
"There Is A Story About Some Of The Music On This CD.
The Day Before Bill Was To Play His Very Last Gig, Bill
Went To Pacifica Studios & Picked Up Tapes Of Music
That Had Been Sitting Around For Over Fifteen Years.
He Died Only Two Days After He Picked These Tapes Up."

"They Were All Ready To Go. He Told Me That He
Just HadTo Get These Tapes Ready. Well, I Think
That Bill Wanted To Make It Easy For Me To
Release This Music."

"He Had Expressed To Me That He Didn't Ever
Want To Be Forgotten. So, To All Of George's
& Bill's Fans, Here Is More Of The Late Great
William Clarke. Enjoy!!!" Jeannette Clarke Lodovici"

"They'll Never Be Forgotten.......
George "Harmonica" Smith & William Clarke"

Thank You, Jeannette, For Making This Great
Music Available To Bills Fans All Over The World!

$16.00 Includes Postage

Order Directly From The Source:

Jeannette Clarke
126 Oakwood Drive
Jefferson Hills, PA

Phone# 412-650-8964

E-Mail Jeannette Clarke Lodovici

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