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~*~About Me~*~

Name: Nikki
Birthday: April 15th 1991
Hometown: Quebec, Canada
People I Live With: My mom, my dad, my brother, Bern and my dog, Dexter
Best Friends (Girls): Steph, Cath, Liz, Danielle and Mellyna
Best Friends (Guys): Kev, Duncan and Jonny
Friends: Way too many to name but you know who you are!:) Luv You All!


Food: Italian Sausage Pasta, General Taus Chicken and Whipped Cream
Sports: Soccer and Basketball
Stores: Stitches and Parasuco
Movies: The Hot Chick and Swim Fan
TV Shoes (Be Warned! I have alot! lolz): Friends, Will & Grace, The Simpsons, Alias, Without A Trace, American/Canadian Idol/Juniors, CSI, 8 Simple Rules and According To Jim
Music: Anything except for Classical, Country and Opera
Pass Time: Hanging Out with friends at the movies or mall, jumping on my trampoline and going on the computer