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cover design by Magdalena Maczuga

(IN:Author House 05) A multicharacter novel that illuminates one dysfunctional family
in contemporary society where "the norm" remains, undoubtedly, mostly in the minds
of idealists still rooted in the conservative fifties. Bloodlines are Blood Lies
until family members face the truth of responsibility at the heart of their bonds.

A family saga that traces the lives of an American family. The alternating chapters
by the House and the luminous notes from the family ghost are a hoot and brilliantly prophetic.

reviewed by Susan Sheppard
Reflections (Fort Myers, FL "06)

Intricate personal decisions are offered in this poemnovel
(the author's unique invention) to emphasize and dissect
psyche as family members separately search for wholeness
by unchaining their lives from lies that bind them through
blood. Brilliant!

--Lili Bita
author of Sisters of Darkness
(MA: Somerset Hall Press "06)

Excerpt from Bloodli(n)es

Valley of the Shadows & Surrender

cover design by Magdalena Maczuga

(NE: iUniverse 10/04) 468p. A duet of two novels, concerning the fickleness of pursuing fame in a society that measures success by media adoration...In both novels, all characters eventually give up illusions and false patterns of behavior in these chilling stories, regarding the relevance of mass recognition and inordinate acclaim and adulation. These novels-of-the-future commingle art with moral issues for compelling psychological literature

Excerpt from Valley of the Shadows

Excerpt from Surrender


Cover photo by Robert Ruskin Jr.

(MD: PublishAmerica '04) 210p. A novel about a disenchanted painter, frustrated by the whims of a society that has precluded her recognition. It's the study of the woman artist's psyche as Sylvia progresses from arrested ego of her former identity into a more compassionate woman and partner.

		"Her quest is a sacred one."			
		Susan Sheppard 

		 "...reveals not only the struggles of a painter...but of all humanity
...The tale is haunting in a new genre...where prose and
...poetry are separate yet entwined in rhapsodic crescendo."
Lili Bita Chiron Review '04

Excerpt from Mirage


(NJ/Merida: Lioness Press '04) 230p "Written with her mother, Olga G. Holt, this fascinating book of family relationships covers three generations. The saga provides a perspective of what life was like for immigrants who came to America seeking the gold carousel ring and found hard work instead....Anyone can relate to Jenny, Vera and Lily as they try their wings in a new environment."

Marie Asner Chiron Review '04 (This issue features Rochelle
who is on front cover.)


(above press '03) 110 p. Dedicated to the author's late friend, Sharon Spencer, best-known critic of Anais Nin, "the recent psychological novel is a significant study of the artist as a woman while delving deeply into the persona of Michelle (Rainy) Penrose versus the non-artist educator, Carolynn Clover." Lili Bita, actress/novelist/playwright/poet

Excerpt from The Weight of Rain


(Fl. King's Estate Press '0l) 150 p. This novel reads like a critical literary biography with Roselind/Rose Forest the dueling protagonists. "...the rationale for structure, reminiscent of Jon Dos Passos, is enhanced bt the dominant exceptionally fine novel-of-the future."

			Sharon Spencer
			Memorial Issue '02 and novel,
			Voices from the Earth '02
			available only on this site
Excerpt from Wound