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Contact the author by e-mail for purchase and delivery information for all items listed

From Dusk to Dawn (Ne: iUniverse '07) 185p. $7.95
The Poet Tree (FL: Rose Shell Press "06) 92 p $7.95
Bloodli(n)es (NY: iUniverse'05) $16.95
Mirage (MD: Publish America'04) 210p (pb) $13.95
Valley of the Shadows & Surrender (NY: iUniverse'04) $20.95
With Promises to Keep (NJ/Merida: Lioness Press'04) 230p (pb) Out of Print $
The Weight of Rain (NJ/Merida: Lioness Press'03) 110p (pb) $10.95
Wound (FL: King's Estate Press'01) 150p (pb) $10.95
Whispering Secrets (PA: Lyra Press.02) 58p (pb) $9.95
Kaleidoscope of Dance MO: Timberline Press'00) 20p (pb) $6.00
Eidolons (IA: Ragnarok Press'72) $14.95
Sharon Spencer Memorial Edition (FL: Lioness aka Rose Shell '02) $6.95
Special Purchase any title and receive a free autographed copy of Rochelle's The Bare Tissue of her Soul (NY: Folder Editions'72) a rare poetry chapbook in calligraphy.