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Latest Result St.louis 4 Anaheim 3 OT

Next Game Colorado @ St.louis

Team Info  The Blues are Currently on a 2 game winning streak.




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 In the Blues most Recent game they played the Anaheim Mighty Ducks, they beat them, 4-3 in Overtime. they are now 2-4 against the Ducks this season. The Ducks play the blues hard every game and this game was no different. The Ducks seem to be able to dominate play against us this season. We are kinda scared to play them when there Prospects fully develop, they have one of the deepest prospect systems in the league. So we will be in tough trouble to beat them then, we need all the wins we can get at the moment as we are struggling to get into the playoffs. 

                      Hot-02.gif (13858 bytes)   
                     Mike Comrie

6 game point streak

Has gotten a point in every game as a Blue

5 points in 4 games as a blue. 

     Pavol Demitra

Hasn't gotten a point in a while has dropped to third in Team scoring and 

may be demoted to the 2nd line if he doesn't step up his play Comrie will take over.