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Babylon will fall!
Thursday, 29 April 2004
Babylon will Fall
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Babylon's mystery identity
The great problem many seem to have is in identifying the great harlot, for even
the name written on her forhead begins with... "Mystery".This should
alert us to the fact that her identity may not be such an easy thing to uncover ; hidden as
it were, a mystery. God has his sacred secrets or mysteries ,all
righteous, that will be revealed in due time. The devil has secrets, in fact is full
of secrets,evil secrets, for his success in the world is due almost entirely, to his
hiding the truth from the human race. Just as a magician who does tricks
with a deck of cards, cannot reveal the truth about "how he does it" if he wants
to remain an entertainer,so also the master of deception, Satan the devil, will
not reveal his true identity, activity, and strategies,and methods, except to only
but a few, so as to maintain his power and hold on the human race.It is
interesting to note that the end of Satan's hold on the human race will occur by exposing the whole house of the wicked one.To put it in the prophet Habakkuk's words,
"thou woundest the head out of the house of the wicked, by
discovering the foundation unto the neck." Habakkuk 23:13.

Babylon will be exposed
The whole thing will totally be exposed, his whole house, and all his activity.All
that looked solid and legitamate, will be seen as it truly is; as weak and hollow,
with no foundation at all, a foundation of lies at it were.Just a house of "cheap
and dirty tricks" . Who is the "head" out of the house of the wicked? Yes, it is
Satan himself. But in earthly and political affairs , the woman sits on top, who
rides the scarlet coloured beast, for the word of God further states, "the
woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings
of the earth." Rev.17:18
"She is more than just a woman going along for a ride; she RULES over the kings
of ALL the earth!!! She is his girl.And she WILL be exposed, her mystery revealed.
The result will be that in utter disgust ,"The ten horns which thou sawest
upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate
and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire." "For God has put
it in their hearts to fulfil his will".vs.17. So this is how God will destroy Babylon.
By revealing her" mystery" .Her secrets.Her deciet.It is still a mystery today. No
christian religion of today knows her identity.Nor does the Watchtower.If they truly did know and expose her, they might be putting themselves in harms way.Instead they appear to be a part of her sorcery.
Make no mistake about it. She IS an organization. Highly organized , complete
with rank and positions,and yet invisible to the human eye. For everything she
does is in secret or undercover.All her members have a place in society and religion, in positions of power and influence everywhere.But their first allegience they give to her, for she reigns over the kings of the earth! The scripture states
that she is a great city, indicating one center , and not fragmented,opposing, and unconnected pieces scattered throughout the earth, as is the case with "false religion", which some today have identified as Babylon.All of the various false religions have never, nor are they today organizied into an "empire" . Her power is the greatest on earth! Great enough to rule over all kings of the earth, but still described as only a city,but a Great city.But hidden in the affairs of men, making her a mystery to those on the outside. Let's look a bit further...

Posted by blues2/redsky at 12:25 AM GMT
Updated: Thursday, 29 April 2004 12:29 AM GMT
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