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In Loving Memory

Lulia Mary Dean Pool

July 27, 1908 - January 30, 1989

My Mother was a very loving person who loved me better than anyone in the world.

She told me many times that she would give her life for me.
She was born in Hornbeak, TN., one of 10 children.
She had infantile paralysis as a child and was in a body cast for nine months.
When it was taken off, her right leg had stopped growing and
as a grown woman she had to wear a shoe that was built up 5 1/2 inches.
She had difficulty walking. But, she was determined.

My father died when I was 6 years old and my mother raised me alone.

She had a meager pension from my father, who served in the Spanish-American War from 1898-1899.
She was very conservative with her money, otherwise, we would have gone hungry many times.
She always managed to get me the clothes I needed and if I really wanted something she would buy it.

I can only remember one thing she never bought for me that I would have given my eye teeth to have.

When I was a teenager I saw a black sheath dress with thin chiffon sleeves that I really wanted.
She just did not have the money to buy it. She told me in later years
she wished she would of went ahead and bought it anyway.

She lived with my family for many years and then decided to move out to herself.

About a year after she moved, she had a major heart attack and
was in the hospital Intensive Care Unit for 19 days when she died of kidney failure and hemorrhaging.
She is buried beside my father in Fairview Cemetery.

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