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About this layout

I got the picture from kazaa because I was obessed with Kingdom Hearts until I beat it ^^' The I added a little picture up it should be Kairi from the FMV if you cant see it its ok causeits kinda hard to see ^^'

Editing this layout

Put all the links or updates or whatever you want to do with this layout on the main.html file and if you want to put a diffrent title than purple hearts open kairi2 and write down the title!


Using this layout

Please don't take this layout as credit of your own. Making a layout takes a while to make a layout and if i find out (which i will hehehe...) Using this layout without my link I will hurt you very badly ^^' I'm just kidding but please don't use this without my link =)


Kazaa, Squaresoft and Disney for making Kingdom Hearts, whoever made the background, and PSP7!!



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