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O'Prey Designs is a young company with fresh ideas and solutions to today's problems in the world of marketing, advertising, pr & web development.

It is run by me Samuel O'Prey author, creative writer/copywriter & web developer.  

I have worked and continue to work closely with some of the UK's & USA's leading websites & search engines as well as marketing & advertising companies as a copywriter, web developer & editor.

I also work with a number of other freelancers to bring you the results you require at a price that is reasonable. As we all work from home as freelancers, some of us doing this for a second income, it means our overheads are low whilst our target driven professionalism remains high.

So if you want low costs & high results you have come to the right place.

Call: 01952 282069 or  07763 983 936  

or email:

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