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marketing SOLUTIONS

Insomnia Marketing specialises in marketing and advertising for websites, business, groups or organisations over the internet as well as classic media. We offer a personal and yet high impact service that can help make your business grow, get more hits on your website or bring greater attention to your cause need or group.

We will make an analysis of your current marketing, PR and advertising and set out a report and plan that would best suit both your marketing budget and your companies’ individuality.

The marketing plan will consist of an advertising program mixed with a PR program that is best timed with your companies’ progress and the media will be targeted accordingly.

It will incorporate "in-net" and "ex-net" advertising and pr techniques according to your needs.

"in-net" advertising can be as low cost or as expensive as you like but knowing the good from the bad helps because there are a lot of people out there that will take your money and give you bad advice or a bad service. We will control your "in-net" advertising through a retainer that you pay me each month. We know the difference from the good or bad and only use leading names like Google to advertising and market your site.

As was said "in-net"* advertising can be as low cost or as expensive as you like but the more you can spend on it obviously the better your results and the more hits on your website. We start all internet advertising campaigns on pay-per-click advertising to test the water because this is risk free.

"ex-net"** advertising & pr is slightly different but well place adverts and press releases can help to make your website stand out.

We take on all forms of PR, advertising & copy writing not just on the internet. So if you do not have a website but would like a pr and marketing service then look no further.

Our rates a reasonable and we offer discounts for regular customers.

Website marketing can also depend upon the quality or website. It needs to be simple to engage people’s attention. We do also offer a website design service that concentrates on the quality of the copy/text.

*"in-net" basically means anything on the internet net

**"ex-net" basically means any media not on the net

CALL: 01952 282069 or 07763 983936 for more info