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Insomnia Marketing  Technologies - public and business services


Insomnia Marketing Technologies also offer iT services including; PC systems built to suit your needs, requirements and specifications, iT & PC health checks, professional & safe cleaning services for all your iT equipment and mobile phone repairs & servicing.


PC systems


We build each PC system to suit your needs. We do not hold stock which means we will never sell you something that you do not need just because we are trying to clear stock, as some well known computer retailers will. This also means that we have no fixed prices on our systems, every time we are asked to build a PC for someone we painstakingly search out all the best deals on parts to keep the price down.

We also try to keep everything in plain language so that we do not come across as on of those patronising computer companies that blind people we technical jargon so that the customer is left confused  as to whether it is a good deal or not.

You simply tell us what you need, what you want your system to do and then we will find a solution to your needs that best fits your budget.

All computers come with a 12 month back to base warranty, which means if a problem should occur with your system we take it back into the work shop check it out and if it a hardware problem we will then send for replacement parts. If it is a human error or a virus etc, then there will be a standard charge for correcting this which you will be made fully aware of before we start any work.

There are never any hidden charges the price we quote you, either for the system or for the sorting out of viruses etc, is the price you pay and you are in full control every step of the way.


For the building of a PC or the upgrade of your existing PC we will require the money upfront purely because we are a small company that buys the parts etc on demand rather than holds stock.


For more info or just some advice on these services call us today on

01952 282069 or 0781 389 3824

or email


Insomnia Marketing Technologies unique iT cleaning & health check service  


iT cleaning is a specialised area and requires careful and safe practice not only for the person doing the cleaning but also for the equipment itself because cleaning with the wrong equipment could cause fatal damage to you PC, printer, fax machine and so on.


When we clean your iT equipment we also like to give it a quick health check to make sure it is all running ok. This can usually be done during the cleaning process, where it is safe to do so, and is included in the price of our iT valet service.


PC valet service


Inc; external cleaning of power unit,

monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Plus a basic PC health check & disk drive checks. = 25


Full desk top valet


Inc; PC valet as above, external cleaning of printer, scanner, telephone and fax machine.

Plus basic health check on all.  = 45  


Individual unit clean and health check ranges from between 15 - 55 depending on size of machine


For more info or just some advice on these services call us today on

01952 282069 or 0781 389 3824

or email



Mobile phone repairs


We also have a back to base system for repairing uninsured mobile phones. You get the phone to us and we diagnose the problem. We then suggest what needs to be done and give you a price for parts and labour. All price of parts needs money upfront and the labour on you receiving your fixed and refurbished phone.

If we can not fix the problem then you have only lost the price of the parts, some problems are unfixable and if we can diagnose this before you spend and money we will because it will save our time and your money.

Prices of parts range from 2 - 35 if it is anymore than this we will suggest that with the cost on labour on top you would probably be better off buying a new phone as the price of fixing it could then outweigh the cost of a new one.

If we can fix the problem without the need to buy new parts we will of course do so and then you will only need to pay labour cost which range between 5 - 25 but as there would be no fitting of parts required the price would be at the lower end of the spectrum.  

Also it maybe that your particular model or make of phone is hard or virtually impossible to get parts for and in such a case we will again try and suggest and alternative this is also true with older phones that they no longer make the parts for.


For more info or just some advice on these services call us today on

01952 282069 or 0781 389 3824

or email