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Insomnia Telecom Solutions

Official Entacall resellers

Entacall provides a range of Telecommunication solutions and is one of the UK's fastest growing service providers. Our services include:-

Least Cost RoutingLeast Cost routing (LCR)

Saves 20% - 70% against your BT phone bill without spending a penny or changing your telephone numbers.


0870 Marketing NumbersMarketing Numbers 0870/0871/0845/0800/0906

Create national presence for your company, and receiving commission for each incoming calls.


Fax to EmailFax to email

Deliver all faxes to your email account saving money on hardware, paper & toner expenses and receive your faxes everywhere with Internet access.


Business MobilesBusiness mobiles

Do you have more than 2 mobile handsets under your business account? If yes, then do not miss out the opportunity to save money on your business mobile deal through Entacall!!


for more info on any of the above

call 01952 282069 or 07763 983936

or email: