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7th Street Blües Bio

7th Street Blües actually started as a project that alto sax/guitar player Mike Geishauser, bari sax/clarinet player Richard Ebersole, and guitar/synth player Brad Whitfield created at a sleepover at Mike's house.  The three musicians were bored and decided to play some improv jazz.  They recorded what the played that night just for something to do and burnt 25 CDs of the jam session.  While using the temporary band name OLCM (One Lutheran, Catholic, and Mormon), the three managed to sell all of the CDs at $1.00 each.  Now this CD was not very good, knowing that it was all improv'd and recorded in 25 min., but what the three did not realize at first was that they had played a very technical and underground form of music, jazzcore.  The band's songs "Pedro" and "Matthew's Goin' to Bed" became very successful cult hits on the internet and in the community.  Needless to say, then OLCM picked up Ryan Bollinger (bass guitar) and Adam Hockenberry (drums) and changed their name to 7th Street Blues.  After a few weeks, the band changed the name again to 7th Street Blües, using the classic "heavy metal ümlaut" to show their metal roots. During the 2005 Altoona Area High School Music Department adjudication trip to Myrtle Beach, Mike, Richard, and Bollinger recruited Randy Williams, a fellow AAHS Jazz Band musician, as trumpet player for 7th Street Blües

7th Street Blües is:
Mike (alto sax/guitar/vocals)
"Whitfield" (guitar/synth/vocals)
Richard (clarinet)
Randy (trumpet)
"Bollinger" (bass guitar)
Adam (drums)