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How this page was made

BACKGROUND: This page was constructed with a tiled background image and two tables. First, I went to Photoshop to manipulate the image I wanted to use as my background. I went to the Photoshop menu and selected Image, Adjustment, Levels, to make the picture lighter so my text on top of it would be visible. Next, I went to the Dreamweaver Menu and went to Modify, Page Properties. I then selected the image I wanted for my background, and it automatically tiles itself.

TABLE: I used a table to display my art terms and their definitions. By selecting the Common tab, then selecting the square column looking icon, it gave me a menu requesting my preferences regarding columns and rows. By putting two into each of these, I had my table. I wanted it to be transparent, so I selected my table went down to my table menu and selected background color, then selected the square with a red strike through it for default color, so my image would show through. Then I clicked in the boxes so I could type, adjusting my text accordingly with the menu at the bottom of my screen, available via Window, Properties.

LINKS: Next I made links by highlighting the art term, then using my menu and clicking on the folder icon. I then selected the folder I wished the link to go to. I also went to Modify, Page Properties to change the link text color to the text color I originally selected.