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How these pages were made

TEXT AND PICTURES: The pages were made using tables for my text and for the pictures. By selecting the table icon in the tab section of Dreamweaver, it will ask for the columns and rows, and you simply selected one and one. It then gives you a box. You next drag it until it is as big as you wish, then select it to make the background default color, (the square icon with the red slash), then put your cursor inside the box if you wish to write in it. For a picture, you must first open it up in Photoshop to make it the desired size for your webpage by using Image, Image size and adjusting the pixels and document size accordingly. Then you save and return to Dreamweaver. Next open up another table, move it to center using properties menu at the bottom of the page, then press F8 to access your working files. You can drag the picture from there and adjust to fit.

LINKS: In the sentence on the line page, you can see that the three kinds of lines are underlined. They are made by highlighting the word, then going to the properties menu at the bottom of the page, then using the link folder icon to find what you are linking it to, then select and you should have a working link. You can also pull up your working folders using F8 and using the link circle icon next to the folder to drag it towards the desired folder in your F8 menu.