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Moryavewen Ssambra

Moryavewen stands at a typical height of around 5'3''. Her form is slender, yet toned perfectly. Sharing the same skin color as the rest of her bretheren she prides herself upon the deep obsidian hue. Her eyes are not of the same as the rest of her family. They are a shade of violet that is often subject to change upon her mood. The long silken locks are a silver white color like most other drow. It lays long reaching to about her hips in soft and pleasant curls. Her attire is often made up of a rather large black velvet cloak, to easily conceal her from view when hunting upon the surface, and to fit in below as well. It is clasped to her neck by a jeweled creation. A spider the size of a baby's fist made out of Onyx, several rubies making up the eyes. Below the shapeless cloak she wears corset dresses fitted to her form, accentuating the slender curves in every way possible. The dress has slits up the sides that end upon her upper thighs. Leaving the tones legs in full view when she walks. She wears a pair of black heeled boots that come up to just below her knees making up her normal attire. Around her neck lays a simple amulet showing her faith in her goddess, Loth. Upon the opposite side is the emblem of her house.. House Ssambra. Moryavewen Ssambra.. born to Matron Isildia Ssambra. Mory is the first born daughter of the house. As a child she was given free reign over anything and everything that she touched. She followed the beliefs and ways of her mother like any would. Although she was a bit spoiled, no one cared and let her be. Being the first born daughter, she was forced to learn the ways of becoming a preistess. Much to her disliking of it, she wanted to learn the ways of sorcery and of the darkest magic possible. This was found out a few times, and she was often scolded and beaten for her beliefs and ways. Having to keep her additional studies in private there was only one other who knew of it. She found what started out with a friendship with, a drow that she stumbled upon by accident. While wandering into the depths of the city, to study the dark arts behind her mother's back, and despite her wishes. She met up with Calderis, an albino drow. Never really finding out the reasons to why he ventured out deep into the city, she hardly ever asked anyway. Their friendship grew over the years, a trusting relationship. One that is highly uncommon for the race of the drow. While she learned her arts in secret with him, she taught Calderis as well. Seeing that he had a thirst for the knowledge of the arcane, almost as insatiable as her own. In exchange he taught her the art of making poisons and how to fight with daggers. They grew closer over the years, no one knowing about their meeting spots or of the relationship that was growing. Eventually, they ended up together, although they kept it private they were just about as happy as any drow could be with another. Untill her mother finally grew curious, she sent one of the finest infiltrators of the house. Finding Mory and Cal together, she had not a clue untill she arrived within her chambers that evening. As soon as she stepped into her room, her mother sat there within the dark room, asking her questions at almost a delerious pace. She only had one choice, to either succumb to the life of a preistess or to be in exile from her House. If she ignored her mother again, she was told she would find Calderis and it would be the end of him. Although she was almost fully trained as a preistess, she hated it. So, that night when her decision was to be made. She fled the house, into her exile. Without a word to anyone she left the city as well, travelling far and wide. Untill a wayward portal brought her to an unknown cavern, her journies and why she is here are still unknown to her. Although she still moves on. Towards what? Well, you'll see.