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As the moon silently falls
it leaves its shadow's to dance
on the walls of another day.

Once again she is His to command
as He sees fit.
To please them both
with His demanding strong will.

He finds the sweetness that He so desires
He part's with a strong , but loving touch.
taking which his His alone.

She shakes and trembles with delight.

He divides her softness,
He enters...
She is nothing but a mere puppet resting
upon his manipulating hand.

Dancing to the tune of incredible
sensations as her fluids drip with
anticipation of the heavenly bliss
she has come to know.

Tenderly she whimpers His name
over and over again,
as He taunts her.

From My Heart to Yours

This song was used in the movie "The Horse Whisperer"
It was the most romantic and touching part I had ever
seen in a movie before.
Even though no words were uttered in this particular
scene...volumes were spoken.

Allison Moorer ...A Soft Place to Fall