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All That I am

I am me
As much as I can be
For you see,
Without me,
Who would I be.

Clear Night

Look at the stars,
Shining so bright.
Look at the moon,
Casting its light.

Days at the Beach

You hold my hand,
Right now and forever
As we slowly walk along the sand.

You whisper in my ear,
Telling me you love me
As you dry my every tear.

You hug me tight,
Tilt my head up towards your face,
And we say goodnight.


The wind howls through the trees, and passes around the colourful leaves. We look up towards the sky as our hair floats around our delicate eyes. Days like that happen but once a year, known as fall and should be cherished by all.

Harsh Silence

I want to talk,
But you won't listen.

I call you,
But you don't answer.

I see you,
But you don't look.

I tell you I love you,
But you look away.

How could you let us die this way?

Last Breath

Here I sit all alone in my room. You walk in full of booze. "Please daddy, no" your hands are ready for action. "Daddy, stop" I get up, ready to run, and you strike. Searing pain all over loosing my balance, I fall to my knees on the floor. You pick me up, cursing. "Daddy, please, stop." I scream for Mommy, but she's not home. I fall back to the floor. I feel the pain enclose me, and darkness falls.

Living a Lie

I unbutton each button ever so carefully, trying to make it look easy. It's not. Having to put a show for some strange man is no easy game. I take each sock off with style and ease, next come the pants. As I stand there, half-naked, stripping down to my last coverings, I walk over to you. As I position myself beside you on the bed, I realise, "this is not me, I shouldn't be doing this." Next thing I know, I'm out the door and in your arms.

Life Lesson

With hope, comes despair.
With love, comes loathing.
With a smile, comes a curse.

The Past

I want it to be the way it used to. When you hug me, I want it to last. I want it all the same as when we met. The way I fall when I look in your eyes. I need to hold you in my arms again, when no one knew.

By the Calm Sea

I walk along the sand
Down by the beach
Where the ocean and the land
Form together as one.

I see the ocean
Rippling in the breeze
And then I know
I'm at ease.

By the Seashore

You can hear the children laughing over the sound of the sea gulls. You can hear the waves splashing and smell the salt of the sea. If you look closely in the horizon in a sailboat you'll see me! You can smell the hot dogs through the whispering wind. You can savour a huge ice cream cone, while hearing the 'whack' of a beach ball being hit. You can touch the softness of the warm sand. And feel the cold water against your ankles. You can surf on the waves and sail on the sea. And if you look closely you'll see me!

Things that you know,
That you call 'secret',
You should show,
Then you won't have to keep it.

Sleepy Cat

The tiny cat,
Lay asleep in my bed.
I gave her a pat,
"Meow", she said.


The delicious steak
That you did make
Gave me a stomach-ache

A View of the Beach

The rays of the sun
Are absorbed by the horizon.
And far away in the distance,
Where children run
From tree to tree
Until they meet
Next to the sea
Where the rays of the sun
Are absorbed by the horizon.

Who am I?
I am the sub,
Shining so bright.
I am the clouds,
Trembling in fright.

I am the dog,
Shivering from cold.
I am the earth,
Ever so old.

I am a tree,
Standing very still.
I am a bird,
Flying over the hill.

I am the sea,
Rippling in the breeze.
I am the sand,
Moving with ease.

I am all,
And all is me.

Wild Hunt

The wild boar will run
With children chasing.
Until they won,
It will keep them racing.

It finally tires,
And they get to kill it.
Over their fires,
It will sit.