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Colour Gallery

Singing Bear I was bored and saw that charmin bear, so i just turned the TP roll into a mic.

Monet I was in a hotel room when i was 10, and i saw a monet picture so i tried an impression.

Envy Did this one in my art class, saw it as a quote.

Bird I was 14, and I saw this bird on the back on my pecil crayon box. I didn't make the bird but the background is mine.

Dragon I was at my friend's house and we were colouring together. Then she told me to draw a dragon so i did. (age 14)

K-9 I was EXTREMELY bored in art class so i drew this.

Sunflower This is from pic on my beach towel, so i drew it in pastel.

Yosemitie Sam Bored in Geography class...