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Black and White Gallery

Baby in Water Picture of a figurine, just added a background.

Bear This pic was on a england gift box i decided to draw.

Bunnies Supposed to be the Bambi bunnies but i changed em.

Girl Thinking had an anime moment, the caption is a bit morbid but oh well.

Girl Hurt my rendition of a pic from DAMAGEd. (look for the link in the links section)

Realistic Woman Got this idea from an LCBO ad.

Play A quote i saw off a t-shirt (T's note: the rest of the quote is: others seem to have a problem with losing)

Bestest Buds I got the pic from a card my friend sent me.

Dancing Tai and I's song. (T's note: I found this song by accident ^_^)

Girl Profile My sketch of a pic on a book cover.

Man on bench Drew a figurine that's by my computer. (T's note: But this one has his arms XD)

Puppy my sketch of a pic from a humane society ad.

Sunset Kind of a dream I had (the guy is Tai)

Wishbone An ad that caught my eye, and I just drew it. (and added a bit of text)