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Kansas Mumfords Personal Page

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My name is Kansas Mumford and my nickname is "Blueberry". I live in Great Bend Kansas. My moms name is Barbara and my dads name is Leonard.My sisters name is Autumn. I like baskeball, track, and football.I am 13 and my birthday is August 16,1990.I am in the eighth grade. I go to Otis-Bison Middle School. This school has about 50 students.It is a really small school. I like it though.

My favorite football team is the St.Louis Rams. They did not do real good this year but at least they made it into the playoffs.My favorite player is Marshall Faulk. He is number 28.


Above is a picture of Marshall Faulk. I thin he is one of the best runningbacks in the NFL. He plays for the St. Louis Rams.

My favorite baseball team is the New York Yankees. They did good last year but did not win when they went to the world series. My favorite player is Derek Jeter. He is number 2.



The two pictures above are pictures of Derek Jeter. He is the best shortstop in the MLB. Not only that but he also plays for my favorite baseball team.