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Sir John A. Macdonald High’s


Jessica Chapman  Co-President
Billy Tsimiklis  Co-President
Heather MacFarlane Secretary
Danika Wadden Secretary
Mike McCarther Treasurer
Ashley Broadbent Student Affairs
Katie Becingeul  Student Events
Maia Whitehouse  Student Events
Kelly Collins Spirit Rep
Kasia Stolarz Spirit Rep
Chris Casey Sports Rep
Amanda Gouchie Sports Rep
Devon Norris  Sports Rep
Tyler Covey Fundraising Co-chair
Jill LeBlanc Fundraising Co-chair
Adam Smith Video Production
Aaron MacLean Music and Arts
Emily McInnes Music and Arts
Jessica Covey Prom Chair
Julie Crowell Winter Carnival Rep
Nicole Kenny Winter Carnival Rep
Richard Burford Communications Rep
Lauren Mills Communications Rep
Ashley Greene Grade 10 Representative
Tom Rulka Grade 10 Representative
Katia Dias Grade 11 Representative
Alex Tessier Grade 11 Representative
Ashley Simon  Grade 12 Representative
Mark Vallee Grade 12 Representative
Mr. Art Campbell  Staff Advisor