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The HRSB recognizes that regular student attendance and punctuality are essential to student achievement.  All students are expected to report to all classes on time, every school day.

Attendance will be recorded on period-by-period basis by classroom teacher and will be recorded under the following categories:

PRESENT – (student is in class, in the office or student services, on a school-authorized trip, participating in a school team activity, at a job placement for co-op credit or on a study block).  

SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCE ABSENCE  - (Student has a documented medical condition, a religious observance, death in the immediate family, on an education opportunity or special activity deemed appropriate by administration or has documented legal obligations.  

SUSPENSION (Absence due to suspension by school administration)  

EXCUSED ABSENCE – (Note or call from home with acceptable excuse)  

UNEXCUSED ABSENCE – (No acceptable excuse provided by the home).  

Eligibility for a credit will be lost when a student is absent for twelve (12) or more classes and six (6) or more of a half credit course.  This applies only to excused and unexcused absences.  


Students are responsible for:

  1. Attending school and arriving punctually.
  2. Abiding by the Board’s attendance policy.
  3. Participating fully in learning opportunities.
  4. Completing all work missed during excused and unexcused absences.


Parents/Guardians are responsible to:

  1. Ensure that their children attend school and arrive punctually every school day.
  2. Phone or provide the school with a dated and signed written excuse in the event that their child is absent or late.
  3. Communicate with their children about the importance of daily attendance and punctuality and their effect on learning and achievement.
  4. Inform school administrators of any special circumstances that may have an effect on their child’s attendance.


§         A parent/guardian must telephone the school on the day of or prior to the absence (876-3216).

§         Students suddenly taken ill while at school must be excused and given parental permission to sign out at Guidance Dept.

§         All late arrivals must sign in at the Guidance Dept.

§         Missing the bus, sleeping in or late lunch are NOT excusable absences.

§         Official medical or legal excuses are required during examination periods.

§         Chronic attendance or punctuality problems will result in exemption from extra-curricular school functions.

§         Students claiming independent status must be 18 years of age and have that status verified by the Main Office.

§         Students are responsible for completing assignments missed due to absence or suspension.