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Welcome To Isaiah's Home Page 

This page was made only for entertainment purposes to let people know a little bit about myself and my interests. So, feel free to surf around!!! I would like to thank to all my friends who've supported me with their prayers and encouraging words throughout the years. I can't begin to express my love & appreciation for everyone of them.


I hope you enjoy this site!

Good luck, Isaiah



Victoria "Vicky" Svinti - you're great!, Geannina "Geany" Fallas - your emails are so kool, Peggy Monterroso - you rock!, Marianna Daddiego - you are one of my best friends, Sammie Hansen - thanks for putting a smile on my face, Ana Maria Montero - you're an angel on earth, Karol Amelia Gatjens, Rachel Thomas, Esteban Arce - you're a good friend, Christopher "Mr. Lynne" Duarte, Jen Parmeter, Alejandra Moreira, Katharina "Kat" Matthies - I really apreciate your friendship, Adriana Gamboa, Alejandra Salas, Sylvia Elena López, Victoria Mentzoni, Ruth "Ruty" Fung - you're very special & Callie Johnson - you & your family are far and away my greatest source of inspiration!


Name Isaiah B-day December 23rd Siblings 2 Hair Black Eyes Black Height 5'6" Weight 150 Currently in CD Player Sixpence None The Richer Soundtrack Matrix Reloaded Guilty Pleasure Chocolate Most Incredible Date With my gf - I can't give details Pet Peeves People who interrupt you when you're talking Last DVD Rented The Fast and the Furious Food You Refuse to Eat Meat Breakfast Honey Corn Flakes Phrase You Most Often Overuse Oh, my God!!!


I need the kind of girl that knows a girl that likes to wear my clothes someone who always buys me coke someone who laughs at all my jokes that's the girl that I want to see fall in love with me that's the girl that I long to know oh how I love her so

I'm looking for a girl who writes me songs and talks to Jesus all day long and the way she does her hair no one else can compare I'll probably meet her at a show when I look at her I'll know that she's the perfect one for me and with her I will always be the one for me.


Food Pizza Drink Dr. Pepper Ice Cream Chocolate Chip Actresses Rachel Blanchard, Kristin Kreuk, J.Lo Magazine People, Men's Health Bands Ace Troubleshooter, Delirious?, MxPx, Stryper, Pillar & World Wide Message Tribe...the list goes on and on!  Movie Matrix Reloaded, Legally Blonde, American Pie, Shrek, Powerpuff Girls, The Transformers, Clueless & Spiderman Color Black & Blue Car Lamborgini Video Games All of them Sport Surfing, Golf, Skateboarding & Football Cartoon Character Snoopy, Felix the Cat, Scooby-Doo & Road Runner...                                                                                  

Places to Live Canada, Australia & Hawaii Clothes Tommy Hilfiger, Clavin Klein & Nautica Motorcycle Harley Davidson Likes to Collect CD's, Comic books Hobbies Parties, Watching movies, Going to the beach, & Hanging out w/ some pals Music Reggaeton, Punk, Dance, Techno, Rock, & Electronic  Sunglasses Gucci TV Show Smallville, Punk'd, Friends, Good Morning Miami & Alias Book The Bible Cologne Men's Oscar de la Renta, Hugo Boss, 212 Cologne Women's Angel, Burberry Brit.


Responsibility (MxPx)
I don't want this responsibility * And don't use me because I don't agree * Why lie, do or die? * Why lie, do or? * Responsibility? What's that? * Responsibility? not quite yet * Responsibility? What's that? * I don't want to think about it * We'd be better off without it * You think I'm so simplistic * I'm onto you and your tricks * I'm still young and I'd like to stay that way * 'Cause growing up won't make everything okay * I'm still young and I'd like to stay that way * I've got a voice and I've got a lot to say * I've got a lot to say...

[Download File / 1.81 MB]

Doing Time (MxPx, of course!)
I remember times I had * some were happy, some were sad * memories me and my partners in crime throwing up a thousand times * I got through it, I feel fine * I went to school and did my time * In a sense I'm out, in a sense I'm free * to be what I wanna be * Fun was cartoons Saturdays  * Fun was staying up past eight  * lame was tring to fit in  * lame was the wrong crowd let me it  * You gotta stick together  * with who you are and who you know * You gotta remember  * Where you've been and where you wanna go  * I never did homework after school  * did all the things I thought were cool  * went out every Friday night  * I still do and I'm alright.

[Download File / 1.28 MB]


Here are more files you can download to your computer and get some fun!


--> Wanna hear the best sound, style and soul?

Alive -- P.O.D [Download File / 2.31 MB]
Barbie Girl -- MxPx [Download File / 1.30 MB]
Godsend -- Dc Talk [Download File / 2.87 MB]
Kiss Me -- Sixpence None The Richer [Download File / 2.36 MB]
Las Avispas -- Juan Luis Guerra [Download File / 2.21 MB]
Precious One -- Cadet [Download File / 2.94 MB]

PDF Files

--> All about something called love

101 Ways To Say I Love You [Download File / 25 KB]
How You Should Treat Your GF [Download File / 13 KB]
Ideas You Can Do With Your Lover [Download File / 24 KB]
Ten Commandments Of Love [Download File / 12 KB]
The Boyfriend Test [Download File / 24 KB]
Variety Of Kiss Types [Download File / 49 KB]


Love Calculator [Download File / 10 KB]
Time To Love [Download File / 153 KB]


Hey people! Here's a list of some kool websites to visit when you're surfing on the World Wide Waste Of Time :-) lol

Action House TV:

MxPx:  --> Highly Recommended!

Sixpence None The Richer:



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BONUS: A christmas card!!!

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