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~Beechwood Café Poetry Workshop~

Re-named: Starving Artist!!!

assignment: In the pink fuzzies of the night

This poem was published in Turbulence on February 2010

assignment: Falling in love

assignment: Turn on a dime

assignment: Your life in miniature

Inspiration for our next assignment: When a poem is mad at you

assignment: When a poem is mad at you - part deux

It was the same routine,
I was trying to have some fun;
I grabbed a pen and paper,
in five minutes I was done.

As I scribbled my name down,
he flew into a rage;
he pushed his body up
and erupted off the page.

Grabbed me by the collar,
off my clothes he tore,
and locking it behind me,
he shoved me out the door.

Soon a crowd had gathered,
nude and small I stood,
trying hard to cover up;
his message understood.

These days I take my time,
I pamper my creations;
I take all sound advice,
no rush for publication.

assignment: Sprung

Last Assignment: Amphibian, real or imaginary:

The Kiss

I kissed a toad
by the side of the road
hoping it would turn into a prince.

The kiss took effect,
the prince saw me... and fled,
and I haven't heard from him since.

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