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Sets That I Have Completed

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This is a list of baseball cards sets that I have now completed. I also am showing my grade of each set

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Mike Awe...12/31/03

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2003 Bazooka
...completed 2003
A fun looking set. I can see the appeal this set had with getting kids back into collecting. Low pack price, comics, not sure if the packs had gum, though (I never bought a pack).B

2003 Bowman
...completed 2003
Bought a box at the Cleveland show in June. Finished it rather easily after that. Another black border, red lining for vets, blue for rookies theme. Very nice looking set.B+

2003 Donruss Classics
...completed 2003
I purchased this whole 90 card set at the Cleveland Tri-Star show in June. Silver design.B+

2003 Fleer Splendid Splinters
...completed 2003
Got a box at the Tri-Star show in Cleveland in June. Another innovative product. Cards look like they are made of wood. Some of the SPs do have a wood feel to them, as well. Excellent.A-

2003 Topps
...completed 2003
I picked up Series II in Cleveland in June. A bright, cool looking blue border. Clean and impressive. Very nice looking set once in a binder..A

2002 Fleer Authentix
...completed 2002
Even though not always sucessful, give Fleer credit for trying different designs, like this set. Borders resemble a picture frame, complete with a raised white border! Unique.B

2002 Fleer Greats of the Game
...completed 2002
The well ran dry on this set this year as it is virtually the same as the 2001 set. The design is different, however, it uses the same players as the previous two years so redundancy sets in. Surely, there are other "greats" Fleer could've used. Disappointing..C+

2002 Fleer Tradition
...completed 2002
Lively set based on the 1934? Goudey design. Very colorful. First 100 cards are SPs, though, which dismayed me. Too expensive for a base set. I am working on the Update set now. B-

2002 Stadium Club
...completed 2002
Another high quality photographed set. .B+

2002 Topps
...completed 2002
Gold bordered set. Simple and attractive in design, although I have heard some people don't like it. I do.But I don't like that error filled, SP filled Traded set. Yuck.B+

2002 Topps Archives
...completed 2002
Very similar to the popular 2001 set except these are from the player's best year, rather than the first and last year. The card number problem was improved slightly as the number, although still small but now readable to the naked eye, appears in a green bar on the back.B

2002 Topps Gallery
...completed 2002
Another quality painted set by various artists. Not quite as colorful as the 2001 set, but still a standout set.A-

2002 Topps Total
....completed 2003
A bear of a set to try to complete. It is the largest set ever developed by Topps. A lot of set builders liked it for the challange and it was affordable as well. No SPs. Team collectors also liked it as featured about 40 cards per team along with a separate numbering system for them. I didn't like the design. I only traded for cards in this set, so it took a long time to build and I was tired of it in the end.B-

2002 Upper Deck SP Authentic
...completed 2003
Another white background set, this time with the name in white (with gray outlines). Excellent photos.B

2002 Upper Deck Sweet Spots
...completed 2003
This is a small set that features blue sky and clouds on the front.B

2002 Upper Deck World Series Heroes
...completed 2003
A pinstriped set featuring players, old and current, who played in World Series games.C+

2001 Bowman
...completed 2002
Black borders with a red lining for veterans and blue lining for rookies. A rather large set (over 400 cards) that was suprisingly difficult to piece together. B

2001 Donruss Classics
...completed 2001
Silvertoned set. Nice set once completed.B

2001 Donruss Studio
...completed 2002
I started this at a card show in Chicago in November 2001. Very attractive fron. White background with a nice player pose (some not in uniform).B+

2001 Fleer Focus
...completed 2001
Simple set shows a player in action. White borders.C

2001 Fleer Futures
...completed 2001
Metallic silver border surrounds a circle with the player over the circle. Quite different and futuristic, but not a traditional looking set that I like. C+

2001 Fleer Game Time
...completed 2002
Another noisy, busy set. Hard to find to player's name on the front with all the stuff on it.C-

2001 Fleer Genuine
...completed 2002
Very busy looking design. Hard to see the players name on the left border.C-

2001 Fleer Greats of the Game
...completed 2001
A sequel to the fabulous 2000 GOG set, the cards don't have the distinquished look of its predecessor, but still is an attractive set in it's white border. A solid set..B+

2001 Fleer Platinum base set
...completed 2002
The base set is complete, but I am still working on the Rookie Card SP edition. Cards resemble the 1981 Fleer design. One of the first sets I started after getting into collecting in 2001.B

2001 Fleer Premium
...completed 2002
White background with black border. Simple in design.B-

2001 Topps Archives
...completed 2001
Topps had a big hit here. These are reprints of retired players first and last Topps card. Very fun putting this together although the person who decided the card numbers should be so small you will need a microscope to see the number should have to put together several thousand sets and see how much of a headache he has when he is done. Ridiculous. Brings the overall grade down on this fine set.B

2001 Topps Gallery
...completed 2001
Excellent looking set features paintings by various artists. Very colorful set. Many SPs, though. A

2001 Topps
....completed 2001
Attractive 50th anniversary base set. Cards are a nice shade of green. Green? For the 50th anniversary set? This should've been gold. (The 2002 set was in gold). I have completed most of the insert sets as well: Combos, Golden Anniversary, Before There Was Topps, Who Would Have Thought. Still trying to finish up the A Tradition Continues insert set.B+

2001 Topps Traded/Rookies
....completed 2002
Annoying set. It has the usual traded veterans and the rookies, which is fine, but the reprints of the rookie cards for the current stars is just another gimmick Topps could have done without. They were trying to cash in on the Archives craze that year.C

2001 Topps Stars
...completed 2002
A rather busy looking card, but once all in a binder, they look rather nice together. Lots of stars on the cards--hence the name!B-

2001 Ultra
...completed 2002
Features outstanding photos and a good variety of rookie cards..B

2001 UD Reserve
...completed 2002
Features green border on left side. One of the few sets that displays the set name prominently and the players name in small print..C+

2001 Upper Deck Legends of New York
...completed 2002
Set features players from all the New York teams: Yankees, Mets, Dodgers, Giants. Unique feature is a felt patch on the front, which feels like a pennant..B

2001 Upper Deck SP Authentic
...completed 2002
I picked up a hobby box at a card show in Chicago in November 2001. Small 90 card base set with a simple design with a white background on the front. Limited colors but still a classy looking set.B-

2001 Upper Deck SP Legends
...completed 2002
Very attractive set of Hall of Famers. Gold borders are elegant looking. Small but enjoyable set.B+

2001 Upper Deck Hall of Famers
...completed 2001
Very attractive 90 card base set. I picked it up at the Gibraltar card show for $15. Features many of the Hall of Fame players in a stylish design. Classy looking.A-

2001 Upper Deck Vintage
...completed 2001
Design taken from the 1963 Topps set with large colored box at bottom and small photo inset. Very easy to read backside, for once! I bought a complete base set on Ebay.A-

2000 Fleer Greats of the Game
...completed 2001
Outstanding base set, which was named the best base set of the year by Beckett in 2000. Brown borders frame the photos with style. One of my favorite sets. I bought the set and after looking at them, returned the cards to the box. Card #1 is Mantle, by far the most expensive card in the set. Well, I didn't put it in all the way and closed the lid on the box, which put a huge crease in the Mantle! All was not lost, though. I picked up another Mantle on Ebay for a couple of bucks and sold the creased one for a $1 (the buyer knew it was creased, too)..A

2000 Upper Deck Black Diamond Rookie Update
...completed 2003
Features a deep red background on the front. Striking. Don't understand the "Rookie Update" title though,as this set features current stars.B-

2000 Upper Deck SP Authentic
...completed 2002
I purchased the whole 90 card base set on EBay. Shows more color than the 2001 set. A winner.A-

1999 Topps
...completed 2000
As part of my Christmas gifts in 2000, I got this complete set. Not one of Topps better efforts, though. The players name appears in small gold letters going up along the left side of the card. Team names are in very small print at the bottom. Gold borders again, too. C+

1998 Topps
...completed 2001
One day, we were coming home from a Greenfield Village visit and passed a card show in Dearborn. Tracie wanted a set from 1998 as that was the year Trevor was born. One dealer there had a set at home so he met us at Sterling Hts HS later and sold us it for $40. The photography is outstanding and the names appear in gold over a colored bar at the bottom. Hard to read print on the back (to make room for a photo) deters from overall grade.B+

1997 Pinnacle X-Press
...completed 2003
Ken Ortolon from Trading Bases sent me this entire set. Colorful set with a good supply of 1997 rookie cards.C+

1997 Topps
...completed 2002
A little more color on the fronts with a brown or green border. Photos are clear and bright. Larger than the '96 set but still only 496 cards.B

1996 Pinnacle
...completed 2003
I was given a starter set from Paul Wise, a SCF trader. Didn't really like it but spent quite a bit of time working on it. Features names in gold triangles.C-

1996 Topps
...completed 2002
Drab set. Player cards lack pizzaz, although the Star Power cards look like the 2001 Topps Stars. Actioin phots are sharp but some appear rather dark. A rather small (440 cards), no frills package.C

1995 Collector's Choice SE
...completed 2003
I started to collect this set with the blue borders but then someone at Trading Bases (Mark Gilmore?) offered the whole set at a very cheap price, so I picked it up. Lots of nice rookie cards (ARod included).B

1995 Topps
...completed 2001
The players name appears in a gold, cursive type. Photo borders are jagged rather than straightly lined, which is different. Glossy back. Good supply of draft picks and rookie cards.B

1993 Comic Images Norman Rockwell Set
...completed in 2003.
This set features reprints of various Saturday Evening Post paintings by Rockwell. Qualifies as a baseball card set in my opinion as there are several baseball related cards in this set.B+

1993 Topps
...completed 2002
The backs undergo more refinement. This set features a glossy back for the first time. More color and splash on these cards as well.B+

1992 Topps
...completed 2002
This was the year Topps started getting away from the plain cardboard back. The backs of this set had the stats overlying a white background for the first time. Underneath the stats was a photo of the team's stadium. I also bought the 1992 Topps Debut in 1991 set from Mark Gilmore this year.B

1983 Fleer
...completed 2002
Large, close up photos. Tan borders. Not an elegant design, but has appeal..B-

1982 Topps
...completed 2002
Another ugly design by Topps. Salvaged by having Ripken's RC, but otherwise, a pretty lame set. Dual striped border on left and that tacky green backside. Ugh..D

1968 Topps
...completed 2002
Sole survivor of my mom's purge when we moved in 1969, this set had to have a major overhaul when I started collecting again in 2000. Many of the cards were in poor shape and some were missing from the battered album they were taped to. I replaced many of the damaged cards in 2001, including one of the worst looking Mantle's you ever so, but I didn't replace the Ryan and Bench RC's, even though they have tape on the front. I really like the burlap bag design as a kid, but now it looks, well, silly.B+

1966 Topps
...completed May 2001
My favorite set as a kid, which was tossed by my mom. I always had dreams to rebuild this set. For Christmas 2000, my wife, Tracie, got me several commons from Ebay. This was all it took to get my started in collecting again. All of the complete sets on this page were a result of Tracie buying me a handful of cards like Jerry Zimmerman and Jake Wood. I went on a Ebay buying frenzy to complete the '66 set and wrapped it up by May. This didn't sit well with Tracie so I am going slower on the '65 set. I've been working on it for over 2 years! The '66 set had a simple design but was appealing.A

1915 Cracker Jack Reprint Set
...completed in 2002
A reprint set of the beautiful Cracker Jack set from 1915. The cards featured a painted player and a red background.A-