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Child ID Plus

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Child ID Plus is a small business from Sumter, SC that specializes in producing children's photo/fingerprint ID cards with basic identifying information PLUS all the information needed by a child's caregiver in case of an EMERGENCY. We include the child's name and address. DOB and SS# if provided. The color of their hair, eyes, height and weight along with a picture of the child on the front of the card. On the back is the parent's telephone contact information and the name of an emergency contact person along with the name of the child's doctor, blood type, allergies and any medications the child may take on a regular basis.

We feel our cards contain more important information on them than most others. Child ID Plus' convenient driver's license size ID cards may be purchased for:

One Card: $ 5.00

Two Cards: $ 10.00

Additional Cards: $3.00 each

(This includes sales tax)

We provide a flyer for the parents to fill out along with an envelope and ask that all checks be made to Child ID Plus and turned in the day of or before Child ID Plus comes to your center. When we come to the center we will take photos and fingerprints of each child along with their height and weight. Normally we are able to return the cards within 3 weeks.

Child Id Plus is owned and operated by Ken L. Nesbitt, a 20-year veteran of the Sumter Police Department. If you have any questions or would like to set up a date for us to come to your center please contact us at 803.436.0037 or email us at

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