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Cards 'N More
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Welcome to my humble corner of the Internet. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my page! My name is Lis and I've been collecting cards on and off since the early 1990s. I seriously began collecting a couple years ago. My family resides in the St. Louis area and my personal collection of current Blues cards now total over 800, without counting my duplicates--not bad, considering I originally started as a set collector, and just started individual player's cards this year.

My favorite Blue is Barret Jackman, my cousin likes Tkachuk and Osgood, and my 3 year old niece's favorite is Chris Pronger. So though I might have some of those Pronger cards on your list, Kaylee might be able to use them. Right now, she's totalling around 40 cards, including a game used jersey card. Not too bad for just starting out.

I collect current Blues in any uniform. Currently, I am looking for pre-NHL cards of all the guys--they can be junior teams in Canada, Europe or in the US, as well as college teams. In addition to current Blues players, I also collect the following players: Brett Hull, Bernie Federko, Kelly Chase, Tony Twist, Grant Fuhr, Scott Young, Pierre Turgeon, Brent Johnson, Tyson Nash, Tom Koivisto, Martin Brodeur, Jeremy Roenick, Shawn Burr and Mikael Tataronov. In addition to being a Team collector, I am also a set collector. Check my Sets page to see what I am currently working on.

As for now, my niece collects Chris Pronger and is trying her hand at finishing her first set. The Pronger cards can be from any team--I'd really like to find more pre NHL cards for her, as my collection will probably dwindle if her baby brother hops on the Pronger bandwagon. I suppose we'll find out here in the next year who his favorite Blue is. I am also in need of Tkachuck and Osgood, as they are my cousin's favorite players.

My website is unique in the fact that it pulls many of my hobbies together. I have my collection, and it is assorted by team, player and set. I also will have my wants, when I have a little more time to update. I also have posted my neice and cousin's collection. My cousin's collection may not be 100% accurate, but what is listed are cards I know she has.

In addition to the collections, I have posted my "In the Mail" section. This is trades I've recently received in the mail from traders. I also have a "By Player" section. In this section, I will post any mail I receive from a hockey player. I will also eventually post box breaks (I won't be having any for a while though). Also, my membership listings and references are posted. There are also bad trader alerts posted as well. Under the links, you can find team addresses, and other information that might be useful to you.

You may notice there is an "Other" section. I do much more than trade cards. I am a web designer and I have a few sites that I run, and so I thought I'd post them as well and perhaps you will see something not hockey related that may interests you.

Thanks for viewing my website! Have a great day!