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Tree Of the month

This month we would like to introduce the Coral Bark Japanese Maple. Foliage emerges light green in growing season then erupts into bright yellow in Autumn. The color finale brightens your winter landscape with incredible coral-colored twigs.
The coral red contrasts beautifully against snow, sky, or grass. Delicate foliage is light green during the growing season, brightly yellow in autumn. Growing to 10 feet, this is a rare horticultural gem that will add distinction to any property! Especially choice shrubs or small trees, Japanese Maples are magnificent in form and foliage, delicately textured in spring and summer, and, in many cases, unequal in fall color. Very tolerant of heat and humidity, they add year-round interest to the garden. Their bea
uty increases with age making them a lifetime investment in the landscape.

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