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Services Offered

Product or service description:

Blue ceiling studio provides residential landscape design services to every type of residence from large estates to small condominium or town home balconies. The focus of BCP is customer service (what will set me apart form other designers? A product for each client that is over and above the normal services). We will lead the client through the entire design and construction process including design, bidding and awarding work, construction monitoring, client meetings and contractor meetings to ensure the product is of the highest quality. Assisting the client with material selection and making recommendations of the most appropriate materials from a cost effective and aesthetic standpoint are also services that Blue Ceiling Design will provide.

Design services will include but not be limited to the following. Landscape design, irrigation, hardscape, pools, terraces, trellises, arbors, pergolas, patios (pavers crushed aggregate stone concrete), decks, gazebos, walls and focal points

Creating outdoor living spaces as an extension of the interior of the home. Enjoy spending time in your outdoor environment as much as your indoor environment. You deserve to spend time under a Blue Ceiling. Be as comfortable outside as you are inside with a room that changes with the seasons.

(More description of each of the design phases and elements)
How much time with the clients
What they can expect from the initial consultation
What to expect in the conceptual, dd and cd phase.
Explain the bid and award phase.
Talk about contracts and contract options (who will the contracts be with?)

What is involved in the construction administration phase? How many hours are spent specific responsibilities.

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