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For one to think of pruning as an art for, may very well lie in the eye of those who know it is what makes for a beautiful garden. Yes, there is an art to pruning,it is the art of removal. To take away what no longer accentuates the flower or tree or shrub. Thus, pruning never ends. Pruning is an endless cycle and is considered a workform to be expected. This is done to enhance the art of beauty for your plant, to let the world see its natural beauty and grace. Pruning is done to redirect growth, to remove dead, diseased or crossing branches. While performing this art, remember to step back often and take a look at your work.

The three major cuts to aesthetic pruning are: thinning, releadering and heading. These pruning cuts go from coarsest to finest. The thinning cut is to take the branch off where it begins. The releadering involves removing a coarse central leader and let a side branch take its place. Heading cuts are cutting the branches back to a bud or leaf node and this is considered the finest of cuts.

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