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About Web Designer
My Dream

Web Designer, Debra J. Parker or "Day" as most people know her, currently resides in New Albany, Ohio and plans to do her web design around the Columbus area.

A graduate of Lakewood High School, in Hebron, she took the initiative to enroll in college, at Technology Education, in Columbus, in January 2004 and will graduate with an Associates Degree in April 2005.
Day is an avid "Buckeyes" fan and enjoys being around people, she stays active, and definitely is focused and dedicated to doing her web design projects. She is a visual and precise individual, who always wants her web sites to look the best they possibly can. She is multitalented and uses this to her advantage with her designs, making sure every thing flows together, with her text and color, and by adding her poetry to them, or writing it for other fellow students, to place on their web sites. She someday plans to design a web site just to place her poetry on so others may find enjoyment in it.
Day knows what she wants for her future and has her sites set for just that. It's not the first time, for this determination to shine through, She ran her own Daycare business for 10 years and thoroughly loves children, and enjoyed every minute with them.
Day attends church regularly, Hebron Christian Church, in her hometown, which she has been a member of for over 30 years. She carries this type of dedication and devotion into all aspects of her life. Those who have known Day, truly believe in her, and have given her phenomenal amounts of encouragement, As one friend describes Day, " Day puts her whole heart into all she does, we love her dearly".

Some of her activities she enjoys, include; Her tap and jazz dancing she does, four-wheeling, writing poetry, fishing, reading, being surrounded by those she loves, spoiling children, enjoying life, believing in God.
Day is and has always been active, and on the move, you see this through her bubbly personality, and the fact she is always sharing that sunshine smile, and does not know a stranger. She loves to do things for others, to just them smile too. She took the initiative to turn her life around and that is exactly what this petite, energy-packed woman is doing.
She someday, soon hopes to have her own web design business, and believe you me, if you know Day, she will succeed with this dream, also.

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