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September 20, 2003 -- This site is still under construction. Keep checking back for more lookups and other goodies. Below is a list of lookups you'll be seeing in the near future - the number out to the side represents the number of lookups for the subject.
tenchi muyo! - 14
weiss kreuz - 5
blue sub no. 6 - 3
boogiepop phantom - 2
ff9 - 9
ff8 - 2
digimon - 4
ff7 - 5
kingdom hearts - 10
rurouni kenshin - 8
serial experiment lain - 21
mononoke hime - 3
oni - 1
outlaw star - 1
ranma 1/2 - 1
magic knight rayearth - 4
slayers - 3
spirited away - 1
trigun - 11
bubblegum crisis - 1

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Welcome to M&M's Userlookups! Brought to you by Mozzimo and Mal (I would be Mal, Mozzimo is the annoying green lenny, so annoying in fact, that I've been hesitant about posting images of him on the site). We host a wide selection of lookups to choose from - a very wide selection. I make em and Mozzimo posts em. What makes us different from other pre-made userlookup sites, is that we provide a lot of userlookups that other sites do not. For instance, if you're a Chobits fan or a Dragon Ball Z fan, you can find those anywhere. But what if you like Weiss Kreuz, or Serial Experiment Lain maybe? Well that's why we're here. You may have stumbled on this site by accident, and you may already know how to build your own lookup. But look at em anyways! Maybe you're lazy and don't want to waste your time making a lookup. Again, that's why we're here. You need a lookup you say? Then why are you reading this!? Get off your lazy butt and go look for em (even though you're probably already sitting down :]), they're on this site somewhere...

m e

You already know I make userlookups, at least the premade kind. But did you know I make customs? So what if I can't make adoptables. I think userlookups can define who a person is. I can also make avatars and siggies. If you'd like a custom lookup, adjustments made to one already premade, or an animated icon (see dragondaiquiri for an example), neomail me at bebopgroove.

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