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Meet Bangladeshi  People

(From Dhaka/Canada/Australia)




 Hi! Friends, from this sight, I am sure, you will meet many friendly peoples from Bangladesh
  The Meet Bangladeshi (Dhaka) People list has chosen ICQ as the preferred way for members to communicate. ICQ empowers members with a means to chat, share ideas, discuss similar interests or anything else they would like. The ICQ numbers of all members are listed below for quick contact from anyone who may visit this page. To add your name to this List, please email  Tanveer.

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Number Of Users: 15
List Created On: 23/01/2003
To be added to this List send email to:

 ICQ List - Meet Bangladeshi (Dhaka) People
Picture Real Name NickName ICQ # (UIN) Contact Country/Location
Tanveer Shawon 3700488 Add Me Msg Me Bangladesh / Dhaka
Ashfaque Chowdhury Polash 168808762 Add Me Msg Me Bangladesh / Dhaka
Abdullah Shameem Haider Lenin 67644981 Add Me Msg Me Bangladesh / Dhaka
Tania Ashrafi Mitali 179217496 Add Me Msg Me Bangladesh / Dhaka
Anjali Rani






Add Me Msg Me


Bangladesh / Khulna
Shamoly Rahman Shamoly 171532932

  Add Me    Msg Me

Bangladesh / Dhaka


Tanzila Zaman Tanzila 49699139


Add Me Msg Me


Bangladesh / Dhaka


Lata Sultana Lata 172075557 Add Me Msg Me Bangladesh / Dhaka


Lita Kayum Lita 166442532 Add Me Msg Me


Bangladesh / Dhaka
Sanjida Ahmed Lima 173552793 Add Me Msg Me


Bangladesh / Dhaka
Srabony Ishtiaq Srabony 203026188 Add Me Msg Me Bangladesh / Dhaka
Sirajul Islam Siraj 12655101 Add Me Msg Me


Bangladesh / Canada
Sohel Ahmed Sohel 178299780 Add Me Msg Me


Bangladesh / Canada
Fatama Begum Laizu


259221552 Add Me Msg Me Bangladesh / Canada
Rifat Parveen Rifat


196581906 Add Me Msg Me Bangladesh / Australia


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Member List Updated on 19th March 2003.

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