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BAD SNEAKERS Kilkennys Hottest Live Band

Who are we?


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Our plan is to play the best possible live music around the Kilkenny Area in Ireland. Everything from Bob Dylan to Counting Crows, Marvin Gaye to The Police, The Beatles to Leonard Cohen, Steely Dan to Crowded House. Eclectic and Electric. Tony, a fabulous frontman, will energise the room with his enthusiastic and lively playing and singing. Always will to try something new. His acoustic guitar is the main instrument binding the band's sound together. John, Tony's wingman, will grace the power of the acoustic with finely measured lead guitar playing and when his turn comes around will turn it up loud and lauch into a blistering solo, with deftness and soul. Just when you think he can't play that axe any better, he'll notch the skill level up further. Conan, he's the bass player. Six strings of bass and a tight punchy bass sound. Keeps it simple, most of the time, then, without warning in a hail of harmonics and flurry of notes, you think something serious has happened. But by the time you figure out it was the bass, he'll be back to dependable solid bass. Next time you'll see it happen! Martin, he's the drummer. He does 4 or 5 or 6 things at the same time and keeps it in time and musical. Solid and dependable, with deftness and feel. This boy sure can hit some skin. Bad Sneakers..........All four guys together...........Definately much bigger than all their talents combined. See them or you're missing out Thank you for visiting my page. Please come back and visit again!