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Name: Tammy ???(unknown last name! lolz)

Viet Name: Tam

Nick Name: Ditz/Blonde, lil bunny phu phu, tophu soup(hungry? lolz), shortie,...and many..MANY...more..

Gender: Female( like...DUH!)

Location: Da Sunny State aka Dirty South

Where: house

Age: i lost count..lolz i'm gettin old!

School: BHS...but i miss EHS!

Favorite color: BlUuuuuE!!!!

DOB: October 6, 198?????

Favorite Animal: panda or da tiger

Year Animal: tiger..oh ya..go me go me! lolz

Long lost sista: KCFU(herez a game..scramble the letterz and see what u get! lolz)

THE OTHER blonde besides me: Cathy


Bro and Sistas: Sang(DORK!), Lynn(MEAN thing!), Lena(BRAT!)


Fav. Saying: KIZZ MY *bLeEp* (aka AZZ)

who i love: S.O.S(some one special) MOMMY! lolz

Person who i REALLY hate: SHRIMP!~!~!

Dream Job: Kid Doctor!!woOhoo(perfect size! haha)

Current Job: HARD WORKIN STUDENT!( half of u pplz don't believe this!) and a nail tech(want ur nailz done? lolz)