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Cherry Merry Muffin

Cherry Merry Muffin dolls were first produced by Mattel as their answer to Kenner's Strawberry Shortcake. Unlike their rivals, CMM dolls are extremely hard to find, especially MIB.

There were three issues of dolls between 1988-1990 and each line had distinct differences that fortunately make it fairly easy to identify what you have and what you want.

The 1988 dolls were muffin based (hence the name, I hear you cry), they were approximately 6.5 inches tall, had curly hair and hair ribbons, aprons, closed mouths, no underwear and were scented. Their accessories included a flavour friend who doubled up as a sugar shaker, I understand, a comb, six scented muffins and a muffin pan. The accessories are quite difficult to find, particularly with the respective doll. There were five dolls produced in this original line.

Apple Amy

Apple Amy was the only black doll in this line, she came with a green dress and comb and her flavour friend was called Apple Buddy. She's fairly easy to find although not totally common.


Banancy has dark blonde hair and comes with a yellow dress and comb. Her flavour friend is called Bitty Banana. You shouldn't have any problems locating a Banancy doll although the ones I've seen for sale haven't been in very good condition and some are in the wrong clothes etc. so hold out for one that's worth the money.

Betty Berry

Betty Berry was a blueberry scented doll, she came with a blue dress and comb, had auburn hair and her flavour friend was called Li'l Dip. Another doll that's fairly easy to find and these ones seem to have been looked after a bit better than most Banancy dolls, most of them have the original clothes and look fairly well cared for, especially considering they're over fifteen years old now.

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