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Writing Across Borders, Oregon State University   Using the Film for Writing Tutor Training. Most people who use the film in writing/tutoring centers are using it as a training opportunity.

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The Three Rivers Community College TASC (Tutoring & Academic Success Centers) are committed to providing a quality CRLA certified Tutoring Program that will enable tutors to be active participants in helping students succeed while identifying and meeting their goals .

Tutor Training Modules   5. Study Skills Study Skills Work. 6. Learning Styles Learning Styles Work. 7. Learning Disabilities Learning Disabilities Work ...

OhioReads Tutor Training

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View Larger Cover ImageThe books at the left are recommended resources for those who want to write effectively.  They can supplement any secondary, college, or graduate-level writing project.  If you would like to obtain either book, click at left.  The Writers Harbrace Handbook is a basic guide and rulebook for writers.  It has particularly useful resources on rhetoric.  Adventures in writing is designed as a practical guide for the writing process.  The book is designed for people who want to improve their writing, including students from non-English based learning environments.
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