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January 16, 2007
To surge or not to surge?
President Bush addressed the nation on January 10th and outlined a plan to send more troops into Iraq. The polls are telling the same story that our Search results and product creations are - namely, that the American people are against a surge and want to bring our troops home. In this edition of the Wire, we'll look exclusively at the Iraq situation as reflected by the merchandise created by our 3 million+ members.

For more reactions to Bush's speech:

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Honoring our troops
Whatever your opinions on the war, most of us can agree that our troops deserve our respect, support and admiration. Our shopkeepers have made a variety of designs supporting the troops and their families, and even a few humorous ones to lighten things up while loved ones are deployed.

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Saving Your Butt

The Rapture Is Not An Exit Strategy

Give War A Chance

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