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Wiretapping is illegal & unconstitutional... 
ON NSA SPYING: A LETTER TO CONGRESS  By Beth Nolan, Curtis Bradley, David Cole, Geoffrey Stone, Harold Hongju Koh, Kathleen M. Sullivan, Laurence H. Tribe, Martin Lederman, Philip B. Heymann, Richard Epstein, Ronald Dworkin, Walter Dellinger, William S. Sessions, William Van Alstyne   We are scholars of constitutional law and former government officials. One of the crucial features of a constitutional democracy is that it is always open to the Presidentóor anyone elseóto seek to change the law. But it is also beyond dispute that, in such a democracy, the President cannot simply violate criminal laws behind closed doors because he deems them obsolete or impracticle.[13]  
NSA Spying on Americans Is Illegal
Bush's impeachable offense
Bush Attorney General Refused to OK Wiretaps
Let the Impeachment proceedings begin
The NSA, with full knowledge of the White House, crossed the line from routine surveillance of foreigners and suspected terrorists into illegal activity
The Free Press: Speaking Truth to Power

Non-Partisan Report Calls Bush Wiretaps Illegal
Non-Partisan Report Calls Bush Wiretaps Illegal.


"Are you ready to be bugged and tortured by George W. Bush?"
  January 19, 2006

Bush Wiretaps  Threaten National Security

 Constitutional Experts Say NSA Domesticic Spying Illegal
Liberty Post: Constitutional Experts say it is clear that  POTUS actions in the recent NSA wiretap controversy are illegal.


"Itís ironic that the President is heralding the progress of the Iraqi Constitution when he continues to undermine the Constitution here at home. President Bush's decision to spy on Americans without judicial oversight was plainly illegal.

American Civil Liberties Union




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