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  Moveon Update

People often ask, "What is MoveOn?"
The answer is really simple: MoveOn is you—
well, you plus five million other like-minded folks all over the country.


health care!

Come to a rally Thursday in Portland

Where: Gus Solomon Federal Building (in Portland)
When: Thursday, Nov. 12, 2010, at 8:00 AM
The House just passed health care reform—and now comes the major challenge: getting real reform passed through the Senate. At this rally, we'll kick off a massive organizing drive to push the Senate to pass health care this year with a strong public option.
Can you make it to the rally?

Click here for more details and to RSVP:

I can come.

Sorry, I can't make it this time.

P.S. Rep. Schrader is your member of Congress. Want to see how he voted on health care?
Click here to find out. If you're glad about how he voted, say thanks! If you're disappointed, let him know.

For more info and to find other rallies in your area, click here.

And don't worry, this email was sent through the MoveOn system, so your personal contact info is kept private.

You have to check this out: Will Ferrell on health care reform, along with Jon Hamm from "Mad Men," Donald Faison from "Scrubs," Olivia Wilde from "House," and a whole cast of amazing, funny actors.
Watch the video here:

Click here to see the video—and if you like it, pass it along to your friends:

Have you read the stories this week declaring the public health insurance option dead? Well, it's not.
The public option has the support of 83% of the American people,1 and enough progressives in the House to block any bill without it.2,3 And contrary to what you may have read, the White House has said repeatedly their position hasn't changed.4,5

But there is real danger in the Senate, where conservatives have stepped up efforts to kill the public option. 

Can you call Senator Ron Wyden right away? Tell him that you, along with the majority of Americans, strongly support a public health insurance option—it's the heart of real reform.

Here's where to call:

Senator Ron Wyden 
District Offices:
    Bend: 541-330-9142
    Eugene: 541-431-0229
    La Grande: 541-962-7691
    Medford: 541-858-5122
    Portland: 503-326-7525
    Salem: 503-589-4555

Then, please report your call by clicking here:

After several weeks of protests by angry right-wing extremists, the media is itching to write the story of the administration backing down. The truth is, President Obama has said all along that he wants a public option—it's the key to keeping insurance companies honest. And just yesterday the White House reiterated that a public option is the best way to increase competition, expand coverage, and bring down costs.6 

Now, more than ever, the Senate needs to hear that the public health insurance option is non-negotiable, and that the American public is counting on the lowered costs and increased access the public option will bring.

Our demand for real reform is getting through in communities nationwide, thanks in big part to MoveOn volunteers organizing events across the country. Check out the latest:

  • At a debate in Dallas, Texas, the MoveOn Council brought over 120 people—far outnumbering right-wing protesters.7 Photos of MoveOn members at the event ran in the New York Times.8
  • MoveOn members around the country have been tenacious in getting through to key senators. In the last two weeks, members have had face-to-face conversations with senators in Indiana, North Dakota, Maine, and Nebraska.
  • In Boulder, Colorado, pro-reform constituents packed a town hall with Rep. Jared Polis. The message they sent was positive, respectful, and crystal clear. As the local television station put it, "Hundreds urge Polis to keep fighting for 'public option.'"9
But we also need to make sure the word is getting heard in every single Senate office—and with the media frenzy, calling now is more important than ever. Can you call Sen. Wyden today and make sure he hears from you right away about the need for a real public health insurance option?

Thanks for all you do.

–Nita, Kat, Stephen, Daniel and the rest of the team


1. "New Poll Shows Tremendous Support for Public Health Care Option," Blog for Our Future, June 15, 2010.

2. "60 Members of Congress Say 'No Public Plan, No Conference,'" Firedoglake, August 17, 2010.

3. "Weiner says health plan without public option won't fly," The Examiner, August 17, 2010.

4. "White House Issues Q&A on Health Plan," The Wall Street Journal, August 17, 2010.

5. "White House Insists 'Nothing Has Changed' on Public Health Insurance Option," ABC News, August 17, 2010.

6. "White House Issues Q&A on Health Plan," The Wall Street Journal, August 17, 2010.

7. "Joint health care reform debate remains peaceful in Dallas," Dallas Morning News, August 18, 2010.

8. "Alternate Plan as Health Option Muddies Debate," The New York Times, August 17, 2010.

9. "Hundreds urge Polis to keep fighting for 'public option,'" KDVR, August 17, 2010.

Want to support our work? We're entirely funded by our 5 million members—no corporate contributions, no big checks from CEOs. And our tiny staff ensures that small contributions go a long way. Chip in here.

Can you call the office closest to you? Here's a list of local office numbers for Sen. Wyden, who has a key role in shaping health care reform. Tell him: "Please support a strong public health insurance option."   Better yet, tell him to skip the public option and take us straight to single payer... 

Senator Ron Wyden District Offices:
    Bend: 541-330-9142
    Eugene: 541-431-0229
    La Grande: 541-962-7691
    Medford: 541-858-5122
    Portland: 503-326-7525
    Salem: 503-589-4555

Opponents of health care reform are pushing a disastrous proposal called the "trigger" plan that could weaken the public health insurance option and delay it by years. It's an effort to kill bold reform.

That's why it's critical that Sen. Wyden publicly support a public health insurance option that will:

  • Help families and small businesses struggling in this economy. The public health insurance plan would not have to subsidize CEO bonuses or shareholder profits, so it would cost less. And the competition would cause for-profit insurers to provide better coverage at lower rates to keep up. 
  • Provide a choice for all us. We'll be able to keep our current insurance or choose a new, high-quality public health insurance plan.
  • Give us guaranteed, universal health care. The public health insurance option will always be there for everyone, regardless of what happens with their health or job. And President Obama has proposed offering subsidies to those who can't afford it, so it will be affordable to everyone.
Your call will be a huge help to MoveOn members making their way to Sen. Wyden's district office this week—and to all of us who are fighting for real health care reform.

Thanks for all you do.

–Patrick S., Laura, Michael, Matt and the rest of the team

The Bush "Pre-emptive War" Doctrine 
Peace news, Portland Peace Portal Activism Newsletter & Human Rights Alert
Today President Bush launched a new public relations effort on Iraq to counter his record-low poll numbers. As part of the PR campaign, he is once again asserting his doctrine of "pre-emptive war."

With the president on the road for a PR blitz during the three year anniversary of the war, we must remind the country that the Bush pre-emption doctrine has been a disaster in Iraq—making America and the world less safe. Will you write a letter to the editor to help do that?

We've set up an online tool that makes submitting a letter easy. Click below to get started.

The Letters to the Editor page is often the most-read page in a newspaper. Press coverage of Iraq will spike around the anniversary and public opinion will further solidify. Together, we need to help shape that coverage. This is especially important as the Bush administration starts saber-rattling with Iran.

Even prominent neo-conservatives are beginning to jump ship on the war and even neo-conservatism. Professor Francis Fukuyama has gone so far as to renounce his affiliations with Cheney, Rumsfeld and the pre-emption doctrine. Fukuyama was one of the 25 original founders of the Project for the New American Century—the intellectual founding document for neo-conservative foreign policy.

Writing in The New York Times last month, Fukuyama said:

"As we approach the third anniversary of the onset of the Iraq war, it seems very unlikely that history will judge either the intervention itself or the ideas animating it kindly. By invading Iraq, the Bush administration created a self-fulfilling prophecy: Iraq has now replaced Afghanistan as a magnet, a training ground and an operational base for jihadist terrorists, with plenty of American targets to shoot at."

He added, "The so-called Bush Doctrine that set the framework for the administration's first term is now in shambles." And, "Neoconservatism, as both a political symbol and a body of thought, has evolved into something I can no longer support."

It is clear that the Bush pre-emption polices are a disaster—and now they're being rejected by people from Left to Right. All that remains is to change course in Iraq and move forward. Let's make sure the public hears the truth while Bush is pushing spin. It will help us get out of Iraq—and maybe prevent another war. Please write a letter to the editor.
Some of our friends in the peace movement have put together websites where you can look up local events or post your own. Check out the links below to learn more.

United for Peace and Justice     American Friends Service Committee (the Quakers)

Also, a new organization—the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America—is working to be a voice for veterans. 

They're working hard to support today's troops. Consider supporting the IAVA.




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