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Border Crossings: Links Between Immigration, Debt and Trade
JUNE 20 - Debt cancellation, combined with new approaches to trade, investment, and aid, could help many developing countries reduce migration pressures. By Sarah Anderson.

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 On Immigration, Community, Freedom, Justice, and Equity  (Ethics)

Fair Trade  Free Trade  March   Immigration   Immigration & NAFTA  update  Law    A Primer on Immigration
A Humanitarian Crisis at the Border Immigration:  Building Bridges Instead of Walls
All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.
Will Latinos Continue Moving Democratic?

Will Latinos Continue Moving Democratic?

Will Latinos keep turning away from the Right, furthering the momentum witnessed in last year's massive marches and during the off-year elections?

Don't Fall for Bush's Immigration Scam  

Don't Fall for Bush's Immigration Scam

Pizzo argues that liberals are flummoxed by the issue of immigration and losing ground by being overly politically correct. He says our focus should be on common-sense regulations and enforcement.


The Rest of the Story: a Response to Stephen Pizzo

What Pizzo misses is that a comprehensive immigration debate should include the effects of trade policies, reforming the World Bank, and providing debt relief to poorer countries.


The Price of Citizenship
Proposed fee increases for visas and citizenship papers would become a means test for new Americans, slamming the door on many people who desperately want to be part of this country and have much to contribute.
New York Times on Immigration    Immigration Communication
"Once we begin enforcing the law, jobs for illegal immigrants will disappear. 
 We must reform NAFTA.  US companies who move jobs south must be required
 to comply with minimum standards for human rights and common decency.

 These added safeguards will make US firms reconsider the efficacy of exporting
 jobs and exploiting fragile economies in third-world  countries.  This will persuade
 responsible companies to focus on legitimate job creation in America and make
 living conditions across the Americas more prosperous, safe, and productive. 

 We can and should demand civic-commitment and responsibility from those firms
 who do business in America. It is time to end corporate welfare and the problems it creates."

                             Immigration Communication

  George Bush and his "base," (the richest 1% in American plus various transnational
  conglomerates), have no vision for America beyond their corporate bottom lines.
  And if the law will not permit their machinations, they change or suspend the law. 
  It is time  for accountability.  

באין חזון יפרע עם ושמר תורה אשרהו׃
best regards, Timothy Flanagan   
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 Active Resource

American Immigration

Comprehensive informational resource on immigration.


NAFTA: North American Corporate Welfare
Latino Leaders Convene First National Latino Congress in a Generation
Immigrant Rights March September 3rd  Where: South Park Blocks (SW Salmon and Park)
GLOBE EDITORIAL: Scapegoating immigrants GOP tactics of desperation
U.S. Immigration Reform: The Elephant in the Room MEDIA ADVISORY
A Primer on Immigration Immigration Law
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Undocumented immigration has been to Bush's advantage, stimulating the economy & creating a distraction that covers other problems
Illegal Immigrants Fighting Wildfires   Some say that firefighting may be too important to allow for a crackdown on illegal workers.  "I don't think it's in anybody's interest, including the Forest Service, to enforce immigration — they're benefiting from it."  BLANCA ESCOBEDA
Human Rights  Unless and until working people in the U.S. come to see workers of color in the global South as their brothers and sisters in a common struggle for economic justice and human dignity--and the owners of capital as their implacable economic enemies--nothing will change, or at least, not for the better.  Of Immigrants and "Real Amurkans"   CounterPunch - Petrolia,CA,USA

We are a nation filled mostly with "immigrants." Some of our early
immigrants displaced and almost decimated native tribal cultures. 
But our subsequent legacy of providing safe harbor for those seeking
freedom and liberty is laudable and essential.  When we surrender that
legacy to those who would close our borders, build walls, and make
felons of millions of our residents, we are forgetting who we are
and condemning millions to intolerable prisons of totalitarianism,
exploitation, and neglect.

One of the primary culprits in this saga is the wrong-headed and
counterproductive NAFTA initiative.
  This so-called "leveling of the
playing field" forced poor people with few resources and little
training to compete on a "level" field with the richest and most
powerful corporations on the planet.  This destroyed rural economies
throughout central and south
Americas, exported jobs, and lowered
wages here at home.  A lose-lose proposition.  These disruptions
opened the floodgates of immigration we are now experiencing.  

Originally our nation had open immigration.  Eventually, as our
open lands dwindled, various limits were imposed.  Many feel the most
effective solution would be to open our borders instead of building
walls.  When anyone can legally come to
America and examine our
culture, this will raise all ships.  Companies who hire illegal immigrants
should be penalized so that their self-serving exploitation is not cost-
effective.  When we enforce the law in
America, instead of building
barricades to freedom, we will once again be respected and admired 
for our courage, compassion, and foresight.  (
On Immigration Law

NAFTA needs reform.  Our immigration quotas need examination.  And
we must insist that American companies observe the law.  As for the
extralegal immigrants who now reside in
America, we should provide a
process for them to come out of the closet and make their residency
legitimate.  They will have to pay some dues, but their "crime"
is less ignoble than the crimes committed by savvy CEO's who
intentionally exploited their helplessness.  What we need is a remedy
which strikes a balance between justice and compassion. 

Once we begin enforcing the law, jobs for illegal immigrants will disappear. 
And we must reform NAFTA to demand that US companies who move
jobs south, comply with minimum standards for human rights and
common decency. These added safeguards and expenses, plus a
progressive tax on gross corporate profits, will make US firms reconsider
the efficacy of exporting jobs and exploiting fragile economies in third-world
countries.  This will persuade companies to focus on legitimate job
creation in
America and will make living conditions across the Americas
more prosperous, safe, and productive.  We can and should demand
civic commitment and responsibility from those firms who do business in
America. It is time to end corporate welfare and the problems it creates. 

Freedom, Liberty, and Solidarity are natural partners.
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