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" To balance the federal budget off the backs of the poorest people in the country  is simply unacceptable." 
Governors unite to lobby against cuts in Medicaid

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Seattle Times

Barre Montpelier Times Argus, VT - 17 hours ago
... Mike Huckabee of Arkansas, a Republican and the vice ...
Warner of Virginia, a Democrat, said the ... system, and Fehrnstrom said the governor was counting on the ...

"I certainly understand the need to balance the federal budget, but people
need to remember that to balance the federal budget off the backs of the
poorest people in the country is simply unacceptable. You don't pull feeding
tubes from people. You don't pull the wheelchair out from under the child
with muscular dystrophy."

GOV. MIKE HUCKABEE, of Arkansas, on a bipartisan lobbying effort by
governors to stave off federal cuts in Medicaid allotments.

The Bush Administration is implementing an economic plan which
effectively steals from the poor, feeds the rich, and starves the middle
class.  Bush encourages transnational corporate elites to use our children
as mercenaries for  investments in munitions, conflict, and colonialism.
These crimes have bankrupted our nation.  This  murder and betrayal
of our children should not stand.  Our troops are being used as pawns,
while international firms exacerbate an accumulation of international
US debt to overpay themselves for poorly administered "services."

These criminals have seized our government and mortgaged our future.

Arrogance, belligerence, hubris, greed, and a surrender
to situational ethics are the Bush corporate agenda...
even when that agenda clearly contradicts
the best interests of America and her people.

Corporate malfeasance in the public sector is not
appropriate in a "free" economy.  There is much
to be said for the separation of church and state...
and as much more to be understood about the need
to separate corporate America from the backrooms
of public service.  Let's take back our nation.

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