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The American people deserve accurate information, not only about Iraq.
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Reflections on Kurt Vonnegut, a Man of Funny Fearlessness  

Reflections on Kurt Vonnegut, a Man of Funny Fearlessness

In memory of Kurt Vonnegut, the novelist, socialist and humanist whose friendship and late-in-life peace activism should inspire us all.

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War and Peace....   "Seek peace, and pursue it."   Psalms 44:12
Gordon Smith does not deserve your trust
Momentum for Employee Free Choice Act Continues to Grow

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Please urge your legislators to
co-sponsor the Employee Free Choice Act:  restore workers’ freedom to bargain for better wages, benefits and working conditions.

January 27 MarchWar Profiteering:  Let's talk about it.

 During World War II Harry Truman referred
to some forms of war profiteering as "treason." 

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"What is objectionable, what is dangerous about extremists is not that they are extreme, 
  but that they are intolerant.  The evil is not what they say about their causes, 
  but what they say about their opponents."     RFK 1964
More about Bobby....

American war jails are limbo for 14,000

Bush defies congress, court, and constitution:  Bush admits to secret prisons, seeks more power
The President has signed a series of findings and executive orders authorizing secret commando groups and other Special Forces units to conduct covert operations against suspected "terrorist" targets in as many as ten nations in the Middle East and South Asia. "The Pentagon doesn't feel obligated to report any of this to Congress," 
The Corrupted Election of 2004
"Smoking gun" evidence uncovered in Ohio of massive vote fraud 
 "Our commanders and diplomats on the ground believe that Iraq has not descended into a civil war," Bush said in his weekly radio address. "They report that only a small number of Iraqis are engaged in sectarian violence, while the overwhelming majority want peace and a normal life in a unified country."
Commanders on the ground, however, tell a completely different story.
DeFazio blends anger, political savvy, OR - He's an active legislatorAnger has been a common emotion through many of his remarks.   But DeFazio isn't just against things. ...

Middle East Peace:  The Options and Obstacles

The Cheney presidency 

The Latest Polls Say...  GOP is losing  

  “If the American people heard these stories..." 
 About Law, Immigration, Freedom, Justice, and Solidarity    A Primer on Immigration
Clearly the behavior of European settlers was abominable and much of the retaliation was also a travesty.
The ethical concerns are stark and inarguable. The land which is now American did not belong to the European interlopers, and it was their bad behavior which precipitated the violence...  Selah...  Where to go from here...
The American Civil Liberties Union filed a Freedom of Information request demanding that the US Department of Defense publicly release its files about the deaths of 24 Iraqi civilians in Haditha Get the whole story!

The Surrender of George W. Bush

Organized Labor Speaks on Kyoto   AFL-CIO Statement on the Kyoto Treaty
 Scientists warn Bush on global warming
 May 30 2006: On the record, in a court of the law, the government will have to explain why the program-which operates outside of the FISA law-is lawful and constitutional.  Wiretapping is Illegal!
It is common knowledge around the globe that  the American people have been disenfranchised.
There is an incredible degree of frustration among Democrats.  Democrats and their allies, in these difficult times,   must remember  who we are as a people, and get back to their roots.  The winning cards this fall will be grass roots populism, freedom, justice, equity, fair play, and traditional American values.  tmf
Optimistic or not...  The Democratic Party, with all of its warts and wrinkles, remains the only show in town...
Atrocities in Falluhah       Massacre in Haditha   What can we do to stop this carnage?
Republicans prevented more than 350,000 voters in Ohio from casting ballots or having their votes counted -- enough to have put John Kerry in the White House.   By Robert F. Kennedy   Rolling Stone 
Submitted by Terry Lee Coughran

Despite what you may have heard, the exit polls were right

On Negative Campaigning 
The Pentagon says it does not keep records of the numbers of civilians killed in Iraq. A study published 18 months ago in The Lancet medical journal suggested more than 100,000 could have been killed.
Massacre of Unarmed Civilians in Haditha, Iraq
at least 2,500 were killed in Iraq in March and April, while 85,000 were forced to flee their homes.IRAQ: Basra Begins to Fall Apart   - 22 hours ago
 Senate OK's minimum wage hike | Would make Mass. rate tops in US
  Media Manipulation 
Tune in to Labor Radio on Memorial Day!
CIA, Rendition, and the Abuse of Power
Labor's battle with PDC on pay is far from finished - Portland,OR,USA
Removing George Bush and his ilk
"With every pronouncement, freedom is disappearing, in incremental steps"
DERRICK Z. JACKSON: The war on free press
Voice@Work Portal Bush/Cheney Policy of Arrogance is dangerous
see Activism Newsletter George asks Laura for Help..
Working Families Update  The Minimum Wage:
                                                                        Why it exists and what needs to be done.
U.S. Legislation Condemns Murders of Women in Chihuahua, Mexico is NOT a union friendly site!
       Political Crimes, Rendition, Torture, and worse...
President Bush Declares Himself King George the First
on Union Bashing
Bush defies congress, court, constitution, and country...

Fatal Incompetence: at home and abroad

The Issues List!  International News, Global Politics, & Local Action 

As Income Inequality Grows, Union Advantage Increases
A  report by the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities and the Economic Policy Institute reveals that income inequality has increased  since the 1980s.  The average income of the nation’s poorest families grew by 18.9 percent, while the incomes of the richest families increased by  58.5 percent.  In the early 2000s, the poorest one-fifth of families had an average income of  $16,780, while the top one-fifth of families had average incomes of more than  $122,150, more than seven times as much.  According to the report, the biggest cause of growing income inequality over the last 20  years has been the decline in wages for the 70 percent of workers who do not have a college degree.  Furthermore, the report says one of the main reasons for declining wages is the weakening of unions and the lack of effective labor laws to protect workers seeking to  form unions.  To see a copy of the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities and the Economic Policy Institute report, go to:  
New figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, go to:





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