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Presentation: Due July 19

Students will be making a class presentation during the final class periods of this term. 
The presentation will discuss their research project.  Students will share their topic
and research with the class.
Each student will make their class presentation for a period of five to seven minutes.

           Powerpoint slide presentation format is advised, but
           remains optional... 
How to use PowerPoint In the Classroom
           The Computer Resource Center can also give you one-on-one tutoring in
           powerpoint.  (about twenty minutes)

Presentations are required to include

-                     A clear main idea

-                     History and Evidence

-          At least one Argument for the Main Idea and one argument against an opposing idea

-                    A summary and

            Conclusion which restates the main idea and takes the reader beyond the paper


At the start of the presentation, each student must individually turn in the following paperwork:

-                     Presentation notes

-                    Copies of handouts given to class

-          Sources/references list* (worth 5 points towards presentation grade)


*Information used in presentation and r final paper must be backed by at least five reputable hard copy sources
(e.g., ComputerWorld magazine,  Newsweek magazine, Datamation magazine, published books, etc.) and at
least two reputable internet sources (e.g., use official web sites of well known, reputable companies).


Your presentation will be graded on

-                     effort

-                     quality of information

-                     understanding of the material

-                     completeness and flow of presentation

-                     etc.


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