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Howard Cooler's Photo Page

Nothin' Could Be "Cooler" Than Havin' Your Own
William Clarke Photo Tribute Page!
Howard Took These Shots Of Bill In 1992 At
Cumberlands In Charleston,South Carolina.

Howard Says, "When I Asked Bill About The
Manner He Played His Harps "Backwards"
(Lows On Right, Highs On Left), He Said,
"Son, To Me That Ain't Backwards! When I
First Picked Up A Harp, There Weren't No
Damn Instruction Book Attached To It!
This Is How I Learned To Play The Thing!"

I Told Mr. Clarke Whatever Way He Wants
To Hold A Harp Is Just Fine With Me!
We Had Several Conversations During Breaks
At Cumberlands And I Found Him To Be One
Of The Most Down To Earth People I Had Ever Met.

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Thank-You For Sharing With Us Howard!!!

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