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Names of Angels

Arael: angel of birds

Arel: angel of fire

Dabria/Ethan/Sarga/Sarea: angels that transcribed Prophet Ezra's books

Dara: angel of rain and rivers

Dina: angel of wisdom and law

Elijah: the angel of romance

Farris: governs the second hour of night

Gabriel: Angel of judgement, truth, prayer, dreams, the north wind, and more

Geron: angel called upon in magic-based prayer

Hamal: agel of water

Irin and Qaddis: twin angels, God's most exalted servants

Javan:the angel of Greece

Joel: angel credited for giving Adam and Eve 1/7 of Eden

Kadi: angel that presides over Friday

Laila: angel that guards births

Manuel: angel that controls the Zodiac Cancer

Michael: chief of archangels, purifier of evil people and places, angel of mercy, righteousness, east winds and more

Nariel: angel of noonday winds

Neria: angel governs the moon's phrases and path

Nitika: angel of precious stones

Paniel/Pariel: angels that ward off evil

Raphael: angel of healing, science, knowledge, joy, west winds, and more

Sofiel: angel of fruits and vegetables

Tabris: angel of free will

Talia: one of 10 angels that escort the sun

Tariel: angel of summer

Uriel: angel of prophecy and the south wind

Yale: angel that is summoned at the end of the Sabboth in magic rituals

Yahriel: angel of the moon

Zachriel: angel of memory

Zaniel: angel of Monday and controls the Zodiac Libra

Zazel: angel of Saturn

Angels that govern the days of the week:

Monday: Gabriel
Tuesday: Zamael
Wednesday: Raphael
Thursday: Sachiel
Friday: Anael
Saturday: Cassiel
Sunday: Michael

Angels that govern the months of the year:

January: Gabriel
February: Barchiel
March: Malchidiel
April: Asmoda
May: Amriel or Ambriel
June: Muriel
July: Murdad
August: Hamaliel
September: Uriel
October: Aban
November: Azar
December: Anael or Dai

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