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NAME:         Thunder Kennels' Zera

BREEDER:      Thunder Kennels
OWNER:        Thunder Kennels
COLOR:         Red/Red Nose

Awesome little bitch that lost her teeth at an  early age.  Proved to be game and extremely talented.

First Second Third Fourth
Thunder Kennels' Cube Super Gnat's GR CH Ace Crenshaw's CH Charlie Finley's CH Bo (ROM)
Crenshaw's CH Honeybunch (ROM)
Stepp's Miss Willie Adams' GR CH Zebo
Tomics' Spider (ROM)
Super Gnat's Suzy Stepp's GR CH Angus W. Brown's Nigger
Steinberg's Heidi
Stepp's CH Ruby Adams' GR CH Zebo
Schaeffer's Hannah
Thunder Kennels' Vera Gee Man's Son-of-Sam  Gee Man's Uncle Sam O. Stevens' GR CH Virgil
S.T.P's Black Copper
Gee Man's Voochee O. Stevens' GR CH Virgil
Waldman's Linette
Cedric's Flo Macera's CH Blazen Ace (4x) Lonzo's Andy
Lonzo's Angie
Sander's Tina (2x) Kinard's Mosso
Boswell's Runt